A cleaner layout for Google Play Store rolls out by the company

Google Store Cleaner layout

Your Play Store is all set to get a makeover with the redesigning aimed at a cleaner layout by Google and will soon be rolled out by the company. Though Google made the roll out official only now, work on it has been undergoing for some weeks now. Most Android users will be able to see the redesigned version soon now that Google has officially announced about the same.

Identifying the content on the Play Store will become much easier now with the new visual refresh as it will appear a lot cleaner with white spaces. The focus was drawn away from the content in case of the old design where the search bar was green in color.

The official blog of the company read that several user-facing updates are being introduced by them aligning with Material design language. This way a cleaner, more premium store that improves app discovery and accessibility for all types of users can be ensured.

The redesigned app will feature a new navigation bar right at the bottom, interestingly. Games, Apps, Movies & TV and Books; will be the four categories in which the navigation bar will be divided.

Among other new features, two distinct destinations for games and apps will be seen. This will aid users to find the content they are looking for in a better way. The updated store listing page layout appears once the user find the app or game they are looking for; eventually displaying richer app information at the top of each page. An overall decision regarding installing a particular app will be taken correctly as the users will be able to see important details easily.

Additionally, Google requires the Apps to have their icons of a rounded square and thus has asked the apps to meet the new requirement by updating their icon.


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