10 awesome strategies for lowering your risk of heart attack

Learn how to reduce your risk of heart attack with these ten easy strategies that you can start using today!

1. Healthy eating habits are important

2. Exercise at least three times per week, for 30 minutes or less

3. Sleep well (at least 7 hours).

4. If you do drink alcohol, please limit your intake

5. Stop smoking cigarettes or other tobacco products – secondhand smoke is a greater risk than being around people who smoke, and it can increase your chances of developing lung cancer.

6. Relax, meditate, practice yoga or breathing exercises daily to keep stress under control.

7. Reduce the sodium intake throughout the day.

8. Reduce salt in cooking and avoid salty snacks such as chips and pretzels. Also, limit the intake of processed foods.

9. High amounts of sodium are added to processed foods, such as canned soups and frozen meals.

10. Meditation or yoga can help you manage stress.