McCain family got compensated with $15Million settlement against Aurora Colorado,over Elijah’s death.

The McCain family have been compensated with a sum of $15Million over the death of their son, Elijah inorder to sort out the lawsuit been filed against the City of Aurora, Colorado.

Elijah McCain

The settlement which was declared in October reached agreement between the McCain family and the City in the US District Court on Friday.
The huge payout to McCain family is among the high profile settlement caused by the incompetence of Police which made the City to pay Million of Dollars to members of the McCain family.

The death of Elijah McCain, a 23years old Black American raised in Aurora, Colorado was as a result of encounter with Police about a year ago.
In August 2019, McCain was stopped by the Police during a walk home from store, placed in a carotid choke hold and was administered with Ketamine. The following year, Sheneen McCain who was his mother filed a lawsuit against Aurora, the Police officers, Members of the fire department and everybody involved in his death.

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October 2021, her attorney made it known that the case had been resolved in principle, settling all claims in the federal civil rights case.

The Grand jury acuse the Police officers and paramedics in Elijah’s death and a sum of $15Million was confirmed by Sheneen McCain’s attorney.

Elijah McCain

The Attorney said that there will be an allocation hearing in some times to come so as to determine the sharing formula between Elijah’s parents. Elijah’s father said ” Hopefully, this will send message to police that there’s always a consequence for any action taken”
“This has taught the police a very big lesson to be thinking twice before Killing innocent people” Elijah’s father added.

Followed by the protest in Aurora and varrious online petition, Gov. Jared Polis announced revisiting of the case.
The Attorney general of Colorado, General Phil Weiser was appointed as special prosecutor and announced the investigation by the grand Jury in January.

Three Police officers were acused of manslaughter and homicide crime of negligence as part of the acusation against them by competent Jury.

Fourteen Months investigation was also embarked upon by the office of the Attorney general of Colorado into the police and fire department.
The 14-Months findings found out that the department of Police had failed to legally record information when relating with the Public.

This week, both the State and City of Aurora came into agreement on the term of a consent decree to sort out Aurora Police Department and fire rescue as it was identified in September report.
The consent decree consists of 4 areas mentioned in the Attorney general’s report.

Elijah McCain’s Art

What can you say about the action of Police officers in the United State.
Are they truly protecting the citizens or causing more harm to the society?

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