US Vice President Spent Over $500 On Cookware Despite Price Hike.

The Vice President of the United States of America, Kamala Harris has spent up to $500 in a shop despite price hike in the United States.

Kamala Harris paid a visit to the shop during her diplomatic visitation to Paris last week in which she spent a little more than $500 on Cookware.

The store where Kamala Harris bought cookware worth over $500 was located at the front of the World famous louvre museum at where the painting Mona Lisa hangs.

Harris go home with a serving dish costing around $375, which includes frying pan of about $160 and also some kitchenware items as well as a porcelain egg dish and copper cleaner as stated by the shop keeper who revealed details of what Harris bought.

When she was stopped by E. Dehillerin, a reporter asked Harris on how her trip went but her looked and action when asked the question got her surprised and didn’t directly answer the question but only gives a diplomatic answer. Her response reads “The trip was a very successful one and the US have a very follow up to do.”

Despite Americans continue to suffer with the unfavorable condition, Harris had show no care as she purchase luxury cookware worth some little over $500.

Also, United States is facing supply chain and shortage keeps getting worse everyday by day.

This year Thanksgiving has been the most Expensive in the history of our Nation.

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