25Days Former Prosecutor Declared Intention To Contest For Carolina Rep.

A congress Democratic Candidate from North Carolina is gambling his experience as a “former prosecutor” on his Media and other social handles.

The former aide to former President Obama, Wiley Nickel from North Carolina has announced that he will be running for US House of Representatives inorder to unseat the present North Carolina Rep, David Price. According to Wiley’s Campaign body wrote, ” Wiley is a man who understands the nitty gritty of Public office, as a past prosecutor, he has contributed to the development of our Country in fighting for justice for those who needs it”.

The law firm owns by Wiley Nickel also made reference to his achievement especially the 25th day stint as a prosecutor ” Wiley’s first job on getting out of law School was for the attorney’s office where he served as a deputy.

Wiley said “As a past prosecutor, I have been trained to know how other side operates and I will defend so as to make sure none of my people fall victim of the law”.

According to Facebook page of the Nickel’s law firm in their reference to Nickel’s experience as a past prosecutor, it says, being a former Deputy Attorney and lead attorney of Nickel law firm has a vast experience in understanding and leadership.

Wiley Nickel opened his law firm in 2011 after he served for three years as an advance associate under President Barrack Obama.