8.5Hours Speech: “Pelosi ordered Democrats to leave the Chamber during my speech, thinking I would stopped, I was elected to serve Americans not Democrats” ___Kevin McCarthy.

The Minority leader of the US House of Representatives, Kevin Mccarthy has accused some members of the Democratic during his longest speech that lasted for hours in the house.


Kevin Mccarthy a representative from California has accused Tim Bryan for trying to shut him down when he was delivering speech in the house.


During an interview with a journalist, Mccarthy said he wondered why Rep Alexander and Rep Bryan can be trying to shut him down so as not to be able to give further speech.


It was noted that Mccarthy Eight hours speech started on Thursday night and ended the following day.

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According to Rep. Kevin Mccarthy said “The most funniest part of it was how the Democrats especially Alexander and Bryan were trying to cause distraction in an attempt to stop me, even Pelosi ordered the Democrats to leave the Chamber with the aim that I’ll stop if they leave unfortunately, I didn’t because I was elected to serve the Americans not the Democrats.


Kevin Mccarthy during his interview recalled how Ocasio Cortez yelled at him when he quoted Rep. Abigail and D-va who made a statement that nobody elected Joe Biden to be former President Franklin D. Roosevelt, AOC screamed in disagreement with Mccarthy said “I did”.


After the Speech, Ocasio Cortez took the discussion to tweeter and joked about it saying that “The man’s key would have been taken away if it was in a bar” referring to Mccarthy.

He also joked that “GOPleader should be considered for Oscar” meaning that Mccarthy should be given Oscar award for his acting job(referring to his eight hours speech) 8.5Hours Speech: &Quot;Pelosi Ordered Democrats To Leave The Chamber During My Speech, Thinking I Would Stopped, I Was Elected To Serve Americans Not Democrats&Quot; ___Kevin Mccarthy.in the house.