Actor Faraaz Khan suffering from brain infection, Needs Funds For Treatment. Pooja Bhatt Reaches Out

Entertainer Faraaz Khan is nowadays under medical maintenance in the Intensive Care Unit of Bengaluru’s Vikram Hospital – he lived scrambled to the clinic on October 8 attending chest illness. Faraaz Khan’s brother Fahmaan Khan, also an entertainer, has begged for economic help and set up a fundraising strategy. 

In his petition for economic assistance, Fahmaan Khan composed that his brother was also analyzed with brain disease and they need Rs 25 lakh for medication. 


Talking to ETimes formerly, Fahmaan Khan said that his brother has been on a ventilator for the past five days and as per doctors, there are only 50 % probabilities of his survival. At the time of documenting this on Wednesday afternoon, over Rs 2.2 lakh was put forward on the platform from 54 donors. Faraaz Khan, son of late actor Yusuf Khan, occurs to be in his 60s now.

Actor-filmmaker Pooja Bhatt budgeted a petition for her supporters on Twitter to enable put forward budgets for his therapy.she wrote in her tweet that 

Please share and contribute if possible. She was. Would be thankful if any of you can as well.

The elements about his circumstance were dealt on the fundraiser, which was begun by his family units Farhad Abousher and Ahmed Shamoon.


 It read that Faraaz had existed undergoing from a cough and a disease in his chest for almost a year. Newly, the coughing had exacerbated so due to the prevailing pestilence, he agreed on to consult the doctor over a video call. Over the video conference on 8th October 2020, the doctor saw his circumstance and proposed that he gets himself acknowledged to a clinic as his cough was very severe and to stave off any further illness, hospitalization was the decent thing to do. So, shortly called for an ambulance. Anyway, what occurred after that has nodded us up to the core.


So far, the fundraiser had produced Rs. 1.8 lakh out of their Rs 25 lakh objective. Faraaz wants to keep up in the sanitarium for ‘7-10 more days’ for his therapy.