Actuality check: Biden won mainstream, Electoral College votes in a few milestone states

A Nov. 17 claim posted to Facebook says President Donald Trump is the genuine victor of the famous vote in the 2020 political decision — if “lawful” votes are thought of. 

 Be that as it may, he’s just 23,800 votes from winning by a squeaker regardless of whether you utilize the abnormal vote counts generally detailed by Associated Press,”.

Clean TV is a media site claimed by exposure agency Special Guests. The office has practical experience in appointments for moderate news and television shows, as per its site. 

The post is an outline of an appended video by Jerry McGlothlin of “20 Days to Save the USA.” He is likewise credited as CEO of Clean TV on a LinkedIn page. “20 Days to Save the USA” is the name of a virtual media/news meeting featuring conservative savants and the strict right, as indicated by its website. 

In his video, McGlothlin says Trump won the well known vote in 48 states with the exception of California and New York and requirements to flip just 23,800 votes from President-elect Joe Biden to win the administration. 

Biden leads Trump by more than 6 million well known votes. Have  confirmed the duly elected president as the victor of the mainstream and Electoral College vote, USA TODAY has announced. 

McGlothlin didn’t react to a solicitation for input from USA TODAY. 

The case depends on bogus charges of unlawful voting form tabulation and programming failures that helped Biden edge out Trump in key swing states. Political decision authorities state there was no proof of misrepresentation in the 2020 election, according to USA TODAY. 

Trump could arrive at 269 Electoral College votes in AZ, WI, GA 

The Electoral College vote complete for Trump remains at 232 and Biden has 306, according to USA TODAY. The last tally was set on Nov. 19 when the Associated Press declared Biden the winner in Georgia after a describe. 

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The post originates before the Georgia describe results, which Biden won by 12,670 votes. Biden beat Trump in Arizona by 10,457 votes and in Wisconsin by 20,608 votes, as per USA TODAY.