Three men have been confirmed guilty by the US Court over the death of Ahmaud Arbery.
Ahmaud Arbery is a 25 years old young man who was fatally shot dead.

The suspect confirmed guilty names are; Travis Micheal, his father, Gregory McMichael and neighbor William Bryan in which they have been sentenced up to life imprisonment for the crimes committed, not only that, the duo has already been acused of some charges such as; attempted kidnapping in which they’ll surely face the trial of that as from February, 2020.

The judgement of the court affirmed that the jury agreed with prosecutor’s argument and that Ahmaud Arbery didn’t show any threat to the men and didn’t have any right to chase him around in the first place.
“You can’t claim “self defense” in a situation like this” the leader of the prosecutors argued.

The jury had pronounced that William Bryan who is the neighbor wasn’t found of “malice murder” and was also not found guilty of one count of felony and aggravated assault but was guilty of three count of felony murder and some other charges.

The judgement of the court pronounced Mr. Gregory McMichael who is the father of Travis McMichael not guilty of malice murder but guilty of felony and all other counts.

The jury found Travis McMichael, a man who shot the Ahmaud Arbery guilty on all nine counts.

The Juror’s deliberation lasted for about 10hours on Tuesday and Wednesday because they began work lately on Tuesday morning after giving ears to the final arguments from the prosecutors.

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