Alabama Students Raise Awareness Against Veteran Suicide By Walking 150Miles.

A group of Students veterans in Alabama has engaged on a peaceful protest over the by walking more than 150miles to raise awareness of estimated 17veterans that was lost each day due to suicide.


The annual operation of Iron Rock which consists of Students from Auburn and Alabama University, kick off from the front of Bryant Denny Stadium on Wednesday and it will in Jordan Hare Stadium, Auburn on Saturday.


The Three days march consist of Students from the two Schools in which all of them were carrying donated gift items that will be given freely to the charities.


The two leaders who are leading the movement are; the President of the Alabama Veterans Association, Salmon Slade and President of the Auburn University Students Affairs Association, Clay Buchanan.


According to Salmon, “Our aim is to create awareness of veterans suicide and raise fund for local charities Organisation from local to Federal level”.


He also said that the event is embarked on, in order to remember the 17 veterans who lost their lives.

Salmon also added that he’s not good at staying in touch with people but reaching out to them during a time like this will be the best way to go.


According to Buchanan “Lots of veterans know another veterans who have committed suicide but due to this operation Iron Rock between both Schools, the veterans community will never be shaken again”