Angelina Jolie makes surprise Ukraine visit meets children

Angelina Jolie makes surprise Ukraine visit meets children:Avideo of actress Angelina Jolie in Lviv has long gone viral as it appears to show her and a group of people fleeing to a bomb safe haven.

Jolie become journeying the western Ukrainian city of Lviv on Saturday and meeting human beings displaced by battle with Russia, in keeping with a Reuters report.

The video has been viewed over 180,000 instances on Twitter since it became posted on Saturday.

Bellingcat journalist Christo Grozev posted the video on his web page and captioned it “Angelina Jolie had to be rushed to a bomb safe haven as air-raid sirens went off in Lviv.


Newsweek has now not been capable of independently verify whilst the video became taken or whether or not the actress and her institution were certainly walking for safety to a bomb shelter.

The Reuters file stated the actress, who’s also a special envoy for the United Nations refugee business enterprise, had her ride interrupted because of air-raid sirens sounding.

In the video, Jolie can be seen walking swiftly with a set of humans out of a building into the street. At one point, a woman turns to the individual recording and says to them “no extra.”

Angelina Jolie

Throughout the clip an air-raid siren can be heard. At one point in the brief footage, a person may be seen walking up to the actress in an attempt to get a selfie.check our website for more new updates.

A voice also can be heard asking Jolie if she is afraid to which she replied no and brought that she was okay.

During her visit, Jolie said said how negatively the battle ought to be impacting the children that have been displaced.

“They should be in surprise… I know how trauma influences kids, I understand simply having any person show how tons they count number, how lots their voices count, I recognise how recuperation this is for them,” Jolie stated as she noted that there was a psychiatrist on duty to talk to the kids.

In March, Jolie also visited Rome to go to a medical institution that was caring for youngsters who had fled the battle in Ukraine, in keeping with a Sky News file.

During her ride, the actress spoke to young patients and met with doctors and nurses who were worrying for the kids.

According to the Humanitarian useful resource business enterprise UNICEF, as of April 21, more than five.1 million refugees had fled Ukraine, round 1/2 of them children, for the reason that Russia invaded the united states.

UNICEF has delivered that thousands and thousands greater had been displaced within the usa and this can have lengthy-lasting results for future generations.Angelina Jolie makes surprise Ukraine visit meets children