Anil Kumble discloses real justification behind Chris Gayle not restoring Glenn Maxwell in Hyderabad game

Punjab head coach Anil Kumble, in a discussion with the commentators, disclosed that Chris Gayle had to miss out on the Hyderabad match due to food poisoning. The Punjab team desperately needs some enthusiasm after frequently declining to cross the line in the Dream11 IPL 2020. With Glenn Maxwell not being prepared to invest on the chances he has had in the season, fans and people from the cricket union exhorted Punjab to believe tank to let swashbuckling left-hand batsman Chris Gayle have a go at the hostility. It came as a shocker when the great West Indian was again not encompassed in the side against Hyderabad on Thursday. 

Anil Kumble discloses real justification behind Chris Gayle not restoring Glenn Maxwell in Hyderabad game


  1. The Punjab squad’s head coach, Anil Kumble, disclosed the actual reason for not picking Chris Gayle in the team’s meeting against the Hyderabad team.
  2. In a discussion with the announcers during the match, Anil Kumble had illustrated that Chris Gayle was getting on to emphasize in the game but the West Indian was down with food poisoning.
  3. It persists to be glimpsed if the batsman is accessible for selection for the franchise’s next tournament against Kolkata in Abu Dhabi on Saturday.

With back-to-back disappointments, the KL Rahul team wants a revamp and the inclusion of Chris Gayle could enable them stage a U-turn in the Dream11 IPL 2020. Glenn Maxwell has had a distracting season so far and his battle has been very evident. Known for slamming the ball a long way, the Australian is also to achieve a single six in the Dream11 IPL 2020 so far.

Hunting a total of 202 against an accomplished bowling side like Hyderabad was never getting on to be easy. Glenn Maxwell could not make an effect recently again as he was sent back to the bower after a sluggish 12-ball 7 knock. Punjab came out forfeiting the tournament by a whopping 69-run margin. The side has won only a sole tournament out of their six fixtures and are placed at the floor of the table.


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