Anti-Trump group, “The Lincoln Project” turned Trump 2024 Advocate.

One of the Anti Trump group known as “The Lincoln Project” who several times have described former President Trump as a deadly authoritarian confessed last week that one of its goal is to see Trump running in the 2024 White House run.


The Lincoln Project Co-founder, Rick Wilson has hinted to use the tension between Donald J. Trump and Florida State Governor Ron DeSantis in his marketing.

The tension which was all about their 2024 Presidential run.


Wilson has admitted that the goal of his group is to push Trump as the sole candidate of the Republican Party in 2024.


He further said “It is an easy choice for Americans to say “No” if it’s only Trump by 2024.

The present opinion of Lincoln Project about Trump contradicted their earlier stand as the group came into limelight for being a “Trump critics”.


Steve Schmidt, a former Republican-Independent-Democrat said “Trump’s words are dangerous and his action and words will surely spoil the more if he comes back.


Also, the Lincoln Project was Popularly known to be an Anti Republican due to their frequent campaign against most Republican Politicians.


In October, the Lincoln Project campaigned against Glenn Youngkin, the Virginia Gov. elect from Republican Party and try to tarnish his image by tagging him as a white supremacist in favour of the Democratic Candidate in which all their efforts result fruitlessly.