AOC Blasts “Klu Klu Klan” caucus In The House, Says McCarthy Is Too Desperate In His Speakership Race.

On Wednesday, Rep. Alexander Ocasio Cortez popularly known as AOC alleged that Kevin Mccarthy who is the Senate minority leader, R-Calif are working with “Klu Klu Klan caucus” in order to cause violence threat against Rep. Ilhan Omar.

According to Alexander Ocasio Cortez said, “Truly, people don’t understand the volume of threat targeted at Omar” she further added that Kevin Mccarthy is so desperate to be the speaker of the House to the extent that she’s working with “Klu Klu Klan caucus” this will never be condoned.

Although, people think we speak bad about all forms of racism and bigotry but for the fact that Rep. Ilhan Omar belongs to Islamic religion makes it to be a matter beyond what we can just be overlooked.

AOC said, “Bigotry is not just by what people say but by considering if there’s consequences.”

The comment by Alexander Ocasio Cortez were in response of the press conference by Ilhan Omar and affirmed that she has received lots of criticism from Rep. Lauren Boebert and her colleagues.

Omar played a recorded tape of one of the Voicemail she gotten and called her the N-word, tagged her as a traitor. It was noted that the ongoing issues between Omar and Boebert started when Boebert privately recorded when she was discussing with supporters concerning the run in she had in Capitol with Omar.