Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, who was at one time a nearby assistant of US First Woman Melania Trump, has dismissed cases that Melania is wanting to separate from US President Donald Trump. Wolkoff, who has written the diary Melania and Me, asserted the couple have “exchange” together yet it won’t prompt their dovorce. 

Wolkoff, who was previously Melania’s previous senior counsel, told the Night Standard, “She imagines herself in the south of France on a major yacht.” 

Approximately the Trumps’ relationship, Wolkoff added: “In protection and around the feasting table they have a chitchat.” 

Not many days prior, it was accounted for that Melania is wanting to pen a diary about her involvement with the White House after she goes out with Prsident Trump in January. 

Alluding to the reports, Wolkoff cautioned that she will deliver “awe-inspiring” tapes of her and Melania’s discussions if the book neglects to focus on what’s relevant. 

“I am interested to check whether she’s honest or not since, supposing that I need to come out and secure myself I will,” Wolkoff told 

The reports about Melania’s book plans surfaced not many days prior when an insider said Melania was in conversations. 

The unknown source revealed to Page Six: “Melania is in gatherings to keep in touch with her White House diary. What’s more, it would be her cash — a possibility for her to procure all alone.” 

They added: “I’m revealed to her significant other is empowering her. She’s not done, or going as unobtrusively as you may anticipate.” 

The Page Six likewise said that Melania is getting “empowering” signals from Trump to proceed with her arrangements. 

US First Woman Melania Trump would not separation active US President Donald Trump till he goes out in January over feelings of trepidation he would deliver retribution and ‘rebuff her’, said a previous counsel. In any case, Melania’s representative has denied these cases as unjustifiable. 

Omarosa Manigault Newman, an ex associate of Trump expounded in detail on his relationship with Melania in a book called ‘Unhinged’. Presently bits of gossip are overflowing that Melania is wanting to separate from Trump after his annihilation in November 3 official political race.

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