The United State former Attorney Litman Harry and Judicial Crisis network President, Carrie Severino has discussed the constitutional effect of abortion during an interview last night.

Some minutes when it has been cleared that Supreme Court will not provide any view on abortion in Texas.

“Texas abhorrent anti-abortion law has been made by the Supreme court to remain for 83days”
A former staff to the then President who is currently a Pro Court Packing Organisation gas tweeted “We can no longer be waiting for the Court to act according to the interest of the American and that’s one of the reasons we need to #ExpandTheCourt”.

The Executive Director of the Demand Justice, Brian Fallon said ” A lot of people had predicted that the Court would commented on the Texas law but it turns out negative” It is so crazy if we allow the third tiers of Government to act with honesty when it comes to fundamental right.

Fallon, who happens to be Clinton’s campaign press secretary and worked as a Press man for Obama in the Department of Justice.

The Supreme court gives ear to and entertain the new Texas abortion law.
According to Miquel Davies said “If the Supreme Court will safeguard our constitution, there’s constitutional rights to abortion”.

The Supreme court has been scheduled for oral argument between Dobbs vs Jackson of the Women’s Health Organization about Mississippi abortion law which place a ban on abortion for after 15 weeks.

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