Barcelona is still dependent on Messi

In recent time, the new list has been published but according to the report, it seems that the Catalan club is not thinking of excluding Lionel Messi. Yes, Barcelona is still dependent on Messi.

He has already informed everyone about his wish of leaving the club. His age is increasing and the thing is not clear still if he makes the new agreement with the club. The confusion is going on. In these circumstances, a club generally ignores the player and used to give focus to their new projects for a better future. But the question is that is Barcelona ready to make a balanced squad without Messi and they are not ready to exclude their trump card yet?

Barcelona Is Still Dependent On Messi

Summer Transfer Incidents

At the end of the last season, Lionel Messi wanted to leave his favorite place Barcelona. Because he saw much indiscipline there and his mind was changed. Besides, the club forcefully sold his best friend Luis Suarez. As a result, he set his mind to leave.

He has come to the end of his professional career and his rest few years should be great with his nest. He wanted to be happy and also need a great team to win some trophies. The report says that Messi made the contract with his favorite boss Pep Guardiola. Now, if the club’s president Josep Maria let him took the leave, he might be seen at the Etihad Stadium or at the Parc des Princes now.


Now, in the top five leagues in Europe, the players who played the highest times, the Argentine forward Messi is holding the 3rd position there. He has played a total of four thousand two hundred and ninety-three minutes (4293) in the Spanish La Liga.

Above Messi, there are still two players but both of them are from the English Premier League side. The Red Devils player Harry Maguire has played the highest 4745 minutes and the Man City player Ruben Dias has played the 2nd highest 4344 minutes as we know.

It seems that Messi has played more than any player from Spanish League, German Bundesliga, French Ligue 1, and Portuguese League so far. And it has proved everything. The Catalan club is still so much dependant on Lionel Messi.

Barcelona is still dependent on Messi

If we look at the list of the highest ten players those who spent the highest minutes on the ground in the top five European leagues, the Premier League side Manchester United is dominating there. With the main team skipper of Manchester United Harry Maguire, the Portuguese midfielder Bruno Fernandes, the Swedish defender Victor Lindelof.

Bruno is holding the 4th position who has played a total of 4 thousand and 168 minutes so far. Defender Victor has played only 22 fewer minutes and holding the 7th position as we speak. 

The former striker of Man United and the current inform player of the Italian side Inter Milan Romelu Lukaku is holding the 6th position. He has played only two more minutes than Victor. Besides, the Real Madrid French defender Raphael Varane has played 4 thousand and 123 minutes and holding the 8th position.

Then, the Spanish league side Sevilla defender Jesus Navas in the 9th position. The rest two players’ names is quite unfamiliar. Bruno Pacheco is holding the 5th position and Callum McGregor from Celtic is holding the 10th position on the list.

Any other player from Barcelona or their arch-rival Real Madrid has been included in the list of the best ten. Neither the arch-rival of LM10 Cristiano Ronaldo is included there.