Barcelona players are not feeling uncomfortable – Koeman

It has been said that Barcelona players cannot blend in with the formation of Koeman. But the Dutch coach stated that Barcelona players are not feeling uncomfortable.

After becoming the manager of the Catalan club Barcelona, the time of Ronaldo Koeman is fully against him, it seems. From the very beginning, the Dutchman is handling the shock which is still going on. In the last week, both in La Liga and Champions League, his team Barcelona has faced two consecutive defeats. Against the newbie team Cadiz, Barcelona was defeated by a 2 – 1 goal, and in the Champions League, they were defeated by the Italian side Juventus by a 3 – 0 goal. So, in a silent way, the demand of sacking the former Ajax manager Ronald Koeman has already come to the front.

Barcelona Players Are Not Feeling Uncomfortable

In the Spanish top competition La Liga, Barcelona is standing in the 9th position currently. By playing ten matches in the league, Ronald Koeman’s team is gathering only 14 points. If we consider the last 32 years, it is the very first time for Barcelona that they got so poor points in their first ten matches. Yes, they made a great start in the Champions League, but in their last group level match against the Old Lady (Juventus), his team faced a big defeat by a 3 – 0 goal, and now, they are on the way to big trouble. 

Barcelona players feeling comfortable

Barcelona failed to become the group champion and so, they will have to face a big team in the round of the last sixteen in the Champions League. The possible opponent of FC Barcelona in the last sixteen will be one among Bayern Munich, Paris Saint Germain, Liverpool, Manchester City, or Borussia Dortmund. And Barcelona is now in their extremely poor level right now, and so, the speculations are going on.

The situation of Ronald Koeman is not great but he is fully under great pressure. After facing the defeat against the Old Lady, Ronaldo Koeman is facing a very uncomfortable situation. Till now, as the manager of FC Barcelona, by playing 16 competitive matches, FC Barcelona managed only nine victories. And at the same time, they have been defeated five times and made two draws there. Before 17 years, his local Frank Rijkaard made the worst start. Though he managed eight victories out of the sixteen matches. 

In these circumstances, Ronald Koeman’s team will ground tonight and still the players are unsure. They will play against Levante in La Liga. Just earlier today, the arch-rival of FC Barcelona, Real Madrid played a La Liga match against the top-ranked team Atletico Madrid and won by a 2 – 0 goal. As a result, Real Madrid has been promoted to the 3rd position in the point table.

Considering the situation of the club, it seems that every match is like a tough exam for them. Though in the point table of La Liga, Levante is standing in the 18th position. But Barcelona is also seeing the opposite side of the coin. They are standing in the 9th position. The 9th rankled team will face the 18th ranked team and so, they are feeling too uncomfortable. So, the situation of FC Barcelona against Levante is like that today.

It seems that the players of FC Barcelona are failing to blend in with the coaching-philosophy. And the discussion is increasing day by day. Ronaldo Koeman is grounding the players like 4 – 2 – 3 – 1 formation where FC Barcelona is very familiar with 4 – 3 – 3 formation. So, they are facing some difficulty with that. Dutch coach stated that Barcelona players are not feeling uncomfortable. The players of the club are not so comfortable with the philosophy of the Dutch manager Koeman.