How to Find the Best College Scholarships for Moms: A Step by Step Guide. 2022

College Scholarships for Moms: College is an expensive endeavor. It’s no secret that tuition and room and board expenses can add up quickly, especially if you’re a single mom or dad. If you’re wondering how to find the best college scholarships for moms, this article will provide some helpful tips that will put your mind at ease for the next time you start applying to colleges.
Here are some ways to find money for college that are perfect for single parents–from scholarship searches to financial aid.

College Scholarships for Moms

College Scholarships for Moms

What is a scholarship?

A scholarship is an award given to a person in recognition of their merits, often without any payment or study requirement. Scholarships are often given based on financial need, academic performance, citizenship and other similar factors. Scholarships can generally be divided into two types: merit-based scholarships (intended for students who work hard to achieve academically) and need-based scholarships (which are awarded to students in need).

The different types of scholarships

There are many different types of scholarships out there. You might be eligible for a scholarship that would cover your tuition and fees, or you could win money to help fund your education through a lottery, an essay contest, a painting competition, or by donating blood.
If you want to find a college scholarship for single parents, then it’s important to know what type of scholarship you’re looking for. You should also research the eligibility requirements for each type of scholarship. For example, some scholarships require a high school diploma or GED, whereas other scholarships are open to anyone who meets the qualifications.
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Scholarship search tips

One of the most common ways to find scholarships is through a scholarship search engine. You can use a site like Fastweb or to search for scholarships that are available for single parents. You may be able to find some great college scholarships for moms on these sites, and if you’re a single mom or dad applying for financial aid, consider applying for a scholarship before you apply for financial assistance.
Another way to search for scholarships is by using your regional link–that is, if you’re in Florida and you want to know how to find college scholarships in Florida, check out the list of scholarship opportunities on the website of your state’s department of higher education (FLORIDA DEPT OF EDUCATION).

9 Best College Scholorships for Moms:

  1. Custody X Change Giving Fund Scholarship: It consists of three (03) scholarships to single parents enrolled as full-time students at an accredited college or university within or outside the US and has an at least CGPA of 3.0 or higher. An essay of 400-500 words is to be submitted on how to improve the family (
  2. Ford Opportunity Program: It helps single parents in acquiring a college degree. The award consists of 90% of college costs (
  3. Jeannette Rankin Women’s Scholarship: Women who are 35 or above and driven by a strong urge to acquire a college degree can avail this opportunity. Especially, women from low-income families struggling with finances and having to take care of their families are eligible. As selection criteria, they must be enrolled or accepted in ACICS accredited schools and pursue technical or vocational education. The total award is $10,000 for the eligible students.
  4. Educational Foundation for Women in Accounting (EFWA): Women who are supporting their families and are only breadwinners are strongly encouraged to apply for this program. As a pre-requisite, they must be enrolled as a freshman in an undergraduate degree in Accounting. It is specifically meant for the women in need who are in dire need of financial assistance (
  5. Pell-Grant: Prestigious Pell grants are provided by the Federal Government on the grounds of demonstrating genuine financial need. Pell grant requires the stay-at-home moms to submit a Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA) which is normally due on 30th June each year. As the Pell Grant is need-based, the candidates are required to show the financial need and must be U.S citizens along with the proof of enrolment in the college as an undergraduate student. The grant value varies every year and it is not required to be returned.
  6. Asherah Foundation Scholarship Program: Specifically targeted for the women seeking education later in life and intend to excel at their workplace. Scholarship winners get a $2,500 annually
  7. Arizona BPW Foundation Annual Scholarship: Women above 21 years of age and who are returning to college in the quest for career aspirations and prospects have a chance to avail this scholarship. Applicants must previously be graduated from a community college/trade school in Arizona.
  8. Wynetta A Frazier Sister to Sister Scholarship: Struggling African-American women returning to college after a break can apply for this scholarship. The award helps women to meet family responsibilities and ease off the financial burden.
  9. SMART Grants: Grant is specifically awarded to the third-year or fourth-year undergraduate students with a CGPA of 3.0 or above and majoring in computer sciences, life sciences, physical sciences, mathematics, engineering, or technology. Married women are encouraged to apply for meeting their day-to-day needs and pay for the fee.