Beto vowed not to invite President for his Gubernatorial campaign, says, Texans matter most than anyone, Slams Biden over Immigration Policy.

The former Presidential candidate and a Democratic congressman, Beto O’Rourke has vowed that he’ll not bring in Biden’s agenda in his Texas Governorship Campaign.

The former Presidential Candidate made it known during an interview when asked if he’ll invite Biden for his Texas race.Beto O’rourke made it know in his State that the upcoming Texas Gubernatorial election is not going to be about anyone outside Texas, Trump or Biden but about knowing where the interest of Texan lies.

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Many people had suggested some reasons while Beto could alter this statement and might be because majority of Texans didn’t support Biden in the last Presidential poll which means Biden has low supporters in Texas and inviting him over for campaign wouldn’t be of necessity.

“Texans are the most important thing to me and not anyone outside the State” Beto said.

Donald Trump’s former communication Minister, Tim Murtaugh criticized Beto on where his campaign donations are coming from.

Beto, however accuse his fellow Party members, Joe Biden and slams him over Incompetency especially on the immigration policy.

What do you think about Beto’s action for not intending to invite Biden for his Texas Governorship Campaign?

Beto Vowed Not To Invite President For His Gubernatorial Campaign, Says, Texans Matter Most Than Anyone, Slams Biden Over Immigration Policy.