Biden And Putin Set To Video Call Over Ukraine’s Tension.

The President of the United States, Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin will on Tuesday speak through a video call as tension between United States and Russia skyrocket over Russian’s buildup on Ukrainian border which has been seen as a sign of invasion.

Dmitry Peskov who is the Kremlin spokesman affirmed plan to confirm Russia to State news agency and said it will take place on Tuesday evening. He said “Their President will decide on how long their discussion will last.”

The last call between them was July when President Joe Biden pressured Putin to reign as Russia based criminal hacking team set up ransomware strike against the United States.

Ever since then, the ransomware strike has continued perhaps none has been alarming as the one from May which targeted major pipeline and resulted in shortage of gas in the United States.

The intelligent officer of the United States have determined that Russia has set up about 700,000 troops near it’s border with Ukraine and has started planning for new possible invasion.

According to Biden on Friday said, “What I am doing is putting what I believe to be together, the meaningful and comprehensive initiative make it very cumbersome for Biden to go ahead and do what people wants him to do.”