Biden In Billionaire Nantucket Home For Thanksgiving Day As Americans Suffer Price Hike.

The President of the United States of America, Joe Biden has declared “America Is Back” on Thursday via phone call during ‘Today’ show.

When President Joe Biden was asked about his message to the Americans? He replied ‘My message is after two years, you’re back, America’s back, there’s nothing again we’re able to overcome, and you’ll be one of the reasons for that, you’re always up and moving’.

President Joe Biden and family are spending their ‘Thanksgiving’ day at a Nantucket, Massachusetts after he had been slammed by the Republicans due to inflation.

According to American Farm Bureau Federation, ‘The classic ‘Thanksgiving’ this year has jumped to 14% increase compare to last year.

The Thanksgiving dinner in some large part of the country cost survey has the cost of a turkey goes to 24% when compare to last year’s price while the cost of Chicken breast jumped over 26% according to the information made available by the US labour Department.

It is now clear that this year’s Thanksgiving is the most expensive Thanksgiving in the history of the United States as there are price hike on almost all goods especially meats.