Blacks Gaining Ground In US Politics As Biden Set To Nominate Shalanda Young As Director.

The US President, Mr. Joe Biden made his intention to nominate Ms. Shalanda Young as the Director of the office of the management and budget.
Shalanda Young who is currently the acting Director of Office of management and budget will be nominated by Biden.

The Deputy director, Ms. Shalanda who has been serving in the acting capacity will officially resume her new office as the director and will be expecting to take up some challenging task which included the Federal budget, $1trillion infrastructural bill, implementation of $1.9trillion pandemic package. The administration is also expected to pass a little bit more than $2trillion as social spending package.

Some congress members has described Shalanda Young as someone who has the required connection to be confirmed by both House and Senate which will make her to be the first black woman to hold the position.

On March, Ms. Shalanda Young who was confirmed by the Senate as a staff director of the House Appropriation Committee was made to serve as the Deputy director before Biden made announcement to nominate her.

Although, Ms. Young has the support of almost members of the congress nevertheless, some Republican criticizes her comment while her confirmation hearing was ongoing.

The Republican Senator from Ohio, Rob Portman interrogate her opinion concerning the Hyde amendment which prohibit federal funds from going towards abortion.

Ms. Young who was introduced as the Deputy by a Republican Senator, Bill Cassidy during the hearing has Thirteen Republican members in support of her appointment.
It was learnt that Ms. Young came to Washington about two decades ago through a fellowship program being arranged for Young people who are willing to serve in public offices and later joined the House Appropriation Committee in year 2007.