Blast at IAF base in Jammu with Drone attack!

Drone attack, the attack on the Indian Air Force Base at Jammu is a major security breach that will lead to increased tensions between India and Pakistan. With no clear suspects yet, what can be done to stop this from happening again.

1. Ample evidence to suggest that a drone was used
2. Drone could have been operated from as far away as Pakistan
3. IAF base is near the border with Pakistan, making it an easy target for terrorists
4. The attack comes just days after India’s defense minister warned of terror threats in Jammu and Kashmir
5. Terrorists may be targeting military bases because they are easier targets than cities or towns
6. A high level of coordination would be needed to execute this type of attack; terrorist cells operating in the area may have ties to outside groups like Al Qaeda or ISIS.

7. It is unclear if there are any fatalities or injuries as of yet
8. Security forces have cordoned off the area and are looking for more possible threats
9. More details will be provided as they come to light about what happened at the Indian Air Force base in Jammu, India today

10. Stay tuned for updates throughout the day!