The son of a former US judge, Brenda Hunt who threaten to kill the Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and AOC has been sentence to 19months imprison on Monday after the court pronounced him guilty of Murder.

According to US attorney of the Eastern district of New York, Breon Peace said ” We will not tolerate any threats whatsoever to member of the United States congress”

Breon Peace said “We will make sure we investigate these crimes and the decision of the court to sentence Brendan to prison is a clear signal that United States has zero tolerance to “threat to life” especially to any of it’s officials.

It was argued by the prosecutors that Brendan was seeing in a video threatening to kill and encouraging his fellows to do same on the day of inauguration held in Capitol.

Hunt tried to ascertain the fact that he didn’t mean all what he said and didn’t expect anyone to take it serious as he didn’t has bad intention towards any US officials. He further said there has been a “Kill Trump” slang everywhere in the United States even from popular people and no one arrested nor jail them.

According to the Facebook handle being traced to Brendan, Hunt hailed those who fought against Covid-19 and encourage people to start violence against police and also, people should not spear the likes of Pelosi, Schumer and AOC.

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