Budweiser is celebrating Leo’s 644 goals

The Brazilian professional goalkeeper is going to receive the bottles of beer from the top-rated beer production company Budweiser. the company has found a new way of celebrating the record of Lionel Messi. The report says that Budweiser is celebrating Leo’s 644 goals.

When Diego Alves will receive the presents, he might not feel good at all. After conceding goals against the Barcelona Argentine forward Lionel Messi, he will get the bottles of beer! Yes, it is quite surprising, is not that?

Budweiser Is Celebrating Leos 644 Goals

Diego Alves’s 21 Bottles

21 bottles of beer from the top-rated beer production company in the world! Can you just believe that? But the news is fully true. Diego Alves who spent more than a decade in the Spanish league competition. From 2007 to 2011, Alves spent his professional career with Almería but later, once again, he joined with the Spanish side Valencia.

Now, he is playing with the Brazilian big club Flamengo. Earlier today, the updated news released that the big production company of beer Budweiser disclosed that they are taking a preparation of sending 21 bottles of beer to the former Valencia goalkeeper! But why? Just because this goalkeeper conceded Messi’s 21 goals! This is how the sponsor company of Lionel Messi is celebrating Messi’s 644 goals.

Budweiser is celebrating

In the running week, the Argentine forward and Barcelona captain Lionel Messi has surpassed the king of football Pele’s record. Which one? The big one of course!. Messi has scored more goals in competitive football than the former Brazilian professional footballer Pele wearing just one club’s shirt. Wearing the shirt of the Catalan club, Messi has scored the highest 644 goals. Earlier, Pele grabbed the record who scored 643 goals wearing the shirt of the Brazilian club Santos.

On this occasion, the sponson company of Lionel Messi named Budweiser has taken a certain decision. They are sending beer bottles to the goalkeepers who conceded goals against Lionel Messi. The goalkeeper conceded more goals, they will get more beer bottles from the company.

A total of 160 goalkeepers have conceded goals against Messi. Among them, the former Alves goalkeeper has conceded the highest 21 goals so far. So, the beer company will send his 21 beer bottles, as stated by the report.

Buffon’s Statement

Based on the occasion of Messi’s big record, Budweiser is going to present the special type of beers to the goalkeepers. In every bottle, there will be the serial number along with the picture of Messi himself. The Italian legend who is playing with the Italian big club Juventus named Gianluigi Buffon has already received his presents earlier today.

Against the Italian legend, the Argentine sensation Messi has scored two goals. Both goals came from the same match in the Champions League group stage match. The two goals were his 514 and 515 number goals wearing the jersey of Barcelona. So, Gianluigi Buffon has got 514 and 515 number bottles from the company.

After receiving his gifts, Buffon has posted in his official Twitter account including the picture. There, the evergreen goalkeeper stated that he has received the presents as a compliment. And also thanks to the beer production company Budweiser. The battle between Messi Vs Buffon is still going on and for his brilliant record, Buffon has congratulated Messi. It is an incredible achievement of the Barcelona forward.

The two goalkeepers conceded 18 goals each against Messi standing on the 2nd position. They will receive 18 bottles of beer each. One of them is the former Real Madrid goalkeeper Iker Casillas and the other one is the former Athletic Bilbao goalkeeper Gorka Iraizoz.