Chiefs vs Chargers: All the key stats and highlights

Chiefs vs Chargers are coming off a tough loss against the Chargers, and they’ll be looking to bounce back in a big way on Thursday night. Here’s a look at all the key stats and highlights from the game and a prediction for who will come out on top. Make sure to tune in to see all the live-action streaming online and go Chiefs!

Highlights of Chiefs vs Chargers

The Chiefs vs Chargers matchup was a close one, but in the end, the Chiefs emerged victorious. Here are a few key stats and highlights that you need to know: -Phillip Rivers was excellent, throwing for 372 yards and 4 touchdowns while completing 29 of 39 attempts. -The Chiefs scored a touchdown with just over two minutes left in the game to win 37-34. -Jamaal Charles led all Kansas City players with 111 rushing yards on 21 carries. -Antonio Gates had an incredible performance for the Chargers, recording 142 yards and 2 touchdowns on 10 catches.

Patrick Mahomes mentions PFF grade after Chiefs vs. Chargers game

Patrick Mahomes put on a show, completing 66% of his passes for an average completion percentage of 78% while targeting Demetrius Harris. Harris has completed 83% of his passes for a PFF grade of 97.7 this season, which is above average. Mahomes has also put up six touchdowns on just those passes/kickoff, making him a dangerous weapon in the passing game.

Chiefs vs. Chargers live stream Los Angeles

The Chiefs and Chargers will face off in a battle for the AFC West Title on Sunday, November Los Angeles. Who will come out on top – the Chiefs or the Chargers? Join us at our blog later this week to find out! In the meantime, keep an eye on these key stats as you root for your team: – Completion percentage (Chiefs 70%, Chargers 68%) – Rushing yards (Chiefs 143 yds, Chargers 118) – Passing yards (Chiefs 281 yds, Chargers 256)

Chargers vs. Chiefs’ odds for Thursday Night Football

Thursday night football is just around the corner last year, and who better get you all hyped up than our team of experts? As usual, we’ve got all the key stats and highlights for you to peruse. Leading the pack is the Chiefs, who are favoured to win by a wide 6 points. However, the Chargers have made a few waves recently and will be looking to make a statement against their rivals. Neither team is particularly strong or weak on offence or defence. Keenan Allen game will come down to who can make the most clutch plays. So, whether you’re a Chiefs fan or a Chargers fan, make sure to tune in and witness one of the most exciting football matches this year caesars sportsbook!

Chargers vs. Chiefs prediction

The raiders between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Los Angeles Chargers is a matchup of two teams with a lot of history and a lot at stake. The Chargers are in the postseason for the first time in seven years, while the Chiefs have yet to make it that far. The key matchup to watch is between Chiefs quarterback Philip Rivers and Chargers running back Melvin Gordon. Rivers has thrown for over 4,000 yards this season, which is a league record. Gordon, on the other hand, is averaging 5 rushing touchdowns during this playoff run. As a result, this game is sure to be a high-scoring affair.

Which team has the better offence?

It will be a close contest as both teams have high-scoring offences and defenses. However, on paper, it seems that the Chargers have the better offence with Philip Rivers at the helm. He has led them to an impressive 34 points per game this season which is higher than their average of 30.5 points per game. This could be a tight contest as both teams are known for their strong offensive play Justin Herbert, so who will convert their chances more effectively on Sunday afternoon?

Who will win the game on defence?

As the season progresses, it will be exciting to see who comes out on top. Although all four teams have a chance at winning, we think that LA’s defence will be just too strong against Kansas City’s offence arrowhead. This should give the Chargers some hope going into their matchup against the Rams in week 14!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the key statistics and highlights of the Chiefs/Chargers game so far?

The Kansas City Chiefs are leading the San Diego Chargers 2-0 in their NFL matchup so far. The two teams have scored touchdowns on DOUBLE TEAM SCORES – one from each team. Kareem Hunt leads the Chiefs in rushing yards (161) and TDs (4). Philip Rivers has thrown for 1,047 yards and 6 touchdowns for the Chargers.

Who will win this game – Chiefs or Chargers?

Right now, the Chargers are considered as favorites to win this game. Their point differential (+12) and overall record (+4) just don’t bode well for the Chiefs.

Who has had the better performance thus far – Chiefs or Chargers?

It is difficult to choose a clear winner between the Chiefs and Chargers at this point in the season. Both teams feature some star players – Jamaal Charles for the Chiefs, Philip Rivers for the Chargers – but it is difficult to choose a clear winner at this point. Both teams are averaging nearly 50 points per game and haven’t been stopped yet. The Chiefs have had a dominant performance thus far, winning all their games by wide margins. However, on the other hand, the Chargers have lost one game so far but they are still in contention for a playoff spot.

Which team is currently in first place in the American NFL?

The Kansas City Chiefs are currently leading the league with a 12-4 record. Patrick Mahomes has led the team to a dominant start this season, throwing for 3,590 yards and 31 touchdowns while only eight interceptions this NFL week. With key contributors such as Tyreek Hill, Travis Kelce, Kareem Hunt and Sammy Watkins on the offense, the Chiefs are sure to be a tough opponent for any team they play.


Did you watch the Chiefs vs. Chargers game last night Arizona? If so, you would have seen some incredible stats and highlights. In this blog, we will take a look at all the key stats and highlights from last night’s game. Make sure to check back later as we will be updating it with more information as it becomes available. In the meantime, make sure to check out our website for more information on Chiefs vs. Chargers game predictions and other football-related topics.

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