Top 5 Colleges that Give the Most Scholarship Money

The Best Colleges that Give the Most Scholarship Money

Scholarships allow people to earn an education without dependence on any outside financial sources. This in turn helps the students develop networks and become contributing members of society. Full-ride scholarships cover everything from tuition to room, boarding, travel, etc.

Top 5 Colleges that Give the Most Scholarship Money
Top 5 Colleges that Give the Most Scholarship Money
Some esteemed American institutions offer need-based and merit-based scholarships to both local and international students. As per the U.S news survey, the average amount of scholarship during the year 2020-21 was $20,867. Especially, most scholarship money offered to international students by ten (10) prestigious universities was more than $60,000. The colleges offering the most scholarship money include Haverford College, Columbia University, Skidmore College, Wesleyan University, Wellesley College, Yale University, Stanford University, Cornell University, Duke University, etc.
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Securing a scholarship is primarily based on academic history, extracurricular activities, leadership skills, etc. as it requires a student to stand out from the lot. The competition gets fierce at the renowned colleges due to the sheer volume of applicants. However, the scholarship programs help more students to study due to accessibility and indulge in state-of-the-art research and development, thus helping to prove themselves both academically and in terms of publishing research journals.

List of Colleges that Give the Most Scholarship Money

1)   Scholarships for Online Students

The concept of virtual learning captured the interest of the students during the COVID-19 times. Technological advances, learning methods, course design, and availability of high-speed internet have increased the enrollment of the students providing flexibility to study from anywhere. A large number of online programs exist with both accelerated schedule and competency-based options. Especially, students with an undergraduate degree looking for advancement in their career paths are best suited for the flexible master’s programs for the development of requisite skills. Few scholarships offered at renowned institutions are as under:-

  1. American University Online Program Scholarships – Offered in economics, strategic communication, public administration, etc. amounting to $10,000 approx (        
  2. John Hopkins University– Offered in Master of Public Health amounting to $20,000 (Welch Scholarship)

2)   Education Online Scholarship

Online education scholarship allows learning in the most time-saving and cheaper way. Especially, the students who cannot afford the program or bear the on-campus tuition fee have to access the knowledge bank through distance learning. Especially, the boom in the education sector with the advent of online programs has been noticed and offers an opportunity to the students hailing from all across the world to get a high-quality American degree. Few universities offering such programs include:

  1. University of the People Online Scholarship 

3)   Study Abroad Scholarship

With the rapid technological advancements, US universities have taken a lead on all academic fronts. The US government in an attempt to lure bright students offers multiple opportunities to the prospective students to grow and learn at prestigious universities. The government-funded study abroad scholarships considered to be the most esteemed is the Fulbright Program and Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Program. While, non-governmental US scholarships range from David.P.Shapiro Autism program, Surfshark Privacy and security, Japan-United States friendship scholarship, AAWU international fellowships, Bat and Ball game, etc.

4)   How to Apply for Scholarship Online?

After finalizing the program, the student is required to check the section on eligibility criteria for ensuring that the student meets academic requirements for the prospecting program. There are no certain eligibility criteria as it varies from institution and program. However, a high IELTS band/TOEFL, GMAT/GRE score, academic research in the impact-factor journal, research interests, academic profile (high cumulative grade point average), extra-curricular activities, relevant job/internship/apprenticeship experience, etc. can maximize the likelihood of securing a scholarship. The process is mostly carried out online and the application is supported by a scholarship essay comprising the motivation/desire/need for the scholarship as it is required to be justified on rational grounds.

5)   Free Online College Scholarship Financial Aid and Grants

There are numerous free online college scholarship financial aid and grants available which allow you to choose the field of your interest and give guidelines on the resources required for selection and initiation of the application process. Free online scholarships available are also available as per the type such as celebrity scholarships, acting scholarships, cancer scholarships, dance scholarships, etc.