Cough: How to calm cough at night?

Sleeping well is not natural for everyone. In normal times, because of stress for example, or external factors such as noise or light (when you live in the city) but also in very specific circumstances. So, who hasn’t had difficulty sleeping properly because of a nasty cough? Cough, which may be more frequent in winter, can also enter our daily lives at other times of the year, especially in spring, in the middle of the allergic season, and thus spoil our nights. So how do you sleep when you cough? We take a look at the possible solutions!

The right things to do to sleep with a cough

Bronchitis, sinusitis, simple cold, or respiratory infection, we would tend to quickly fall back on pharmaceutical remedies to relieve a good old cough and thus give ourselves the chance to sleep better. A tablespoon of syrup and you’re done? We all know the miracle legend of the cough syrup that makes you sleep. It’s not that simple, and it may be worth exploring more natural alternatives for cough relief. Especially at bedtime.

Cough: Humidify your bedroom


Because sometimes, treating a cough means making some adjustments in your environment, humidifying your room can indeed help. The cough will be aggravated and favored by an atmosphere that is too dry. To humidify your room, you can turn to appliances sold on the market or even, cheaper, place basins of water on the radiators. With a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil, it’s even better! We also sometimes advise, especially if you live in an apartment (because we don’t always have space outside), to dry your laundry on a drying rack placed in the bedroom.

Elevate the head

Sleeping in an elevated or almost seated position will help the evacuation from below of secretions responsible for coughing. In the case of a wet cough particularly, it will relieve the lungs. For this, do not hesitate to add a pillow. For children, you can also place a pillow under the mattress to encourage this slightly inclined position.

Take care of your nose

When you suffer from a cold or a more or less persistent cough, it is best to clean your nose regularly. With saline or the kind of seawater-based spray, you find in pharmacies. Several times a day, and especially just before going to bed!

Bet on a good hot shower

Normally, we recommend taking a lukewarm shower to prepare the body for sleep and thus promote nights without micro-awakenings. However, when you cough, for great ills the great remedies. A hot shower is actually recommended to reduce coughing and limit bronchial irritation. The hot water here will release beneficial steam to hydrate the mucus and clear the airways. The ticket to restful sleep despite the cough.

Inhale eucalyptus

If we think about it in case of a stuffy nose, we tend to forget that inhalations can also help relieve a cough. For this, especially in case of a wet cough, put a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil in a bowl of boiling water and inhale deeply with a cloth over your head so as not to lose any of the power of the water vapor. You can also use conventional respiratory balms by following the same procedure.

Drink a good old herbal tea

It used to be said that herbal tea could overcome (almost) all ailments. And it is also true to calm the cough and sleep well for example! Thus, before going to bed, a good herbal tea will help moisten the throat and thin the secretions in the bronchi.

Turn to a decongestant balm

Another proven method. The balm will be applied in massage in the back or on the chest before bedtime. You can opt for natural balms, which you prepare yourself, or buy balms based on essential oil of camphor, eucalyptus, or menthol. Grandmother’s remedy: the mustard poultice! Certainly, the smell is not very pleasant in bed but the effect can be interesting on coughs and the respiratory system.

consume honey

An unstoppable tip when you have a sore throat. By lining the mucous membranes of the throat, the honey will immediately calm the irritation at the origin of the cough. It also has healing and antiseptic properties that will promote healing. To fully reap the benefits of honey, take a generous teaspoon before going to sleep.

Count on the power of propolis

Antiviral, healing, anti-microbial, and anti-inflammatory, propolis also has many virtues. It can be used via mouthwash sprays that will target the desired area. Sprays diffusing propolis whose powers are combined with those of other ingredients such as honey, thyme, and various essential oils.

Whether you suffer from a dry cough or a wet cough, there is no fatality when it comes to bedtime. All of these remedies, some of which are 100% natural and inexpensive, can help you regain some serenity and a restful night’s sleep.

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