Cristiano is more sociable than Messi as a teammate

The last edition of the list is the Brazilian central midfielder, Arthur Melo. But the Brazilian has leaked the key difference between them. To him, Cristiano is more sociable than Messi as a teammate.

Angel Di Maria, Andre Gomez, Gonzalo Higuain, Paulo Dybala, Nelson Semedo, Carlos Tevez, Gerard Pique. Is there something common that you have noticed yet? Yes, obviously there are more players that can be added into. But no need to worry about it. Those who keep their focus on football must know that one thing is very common in the above-listed players. Each and every player of them has played alongside Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo both at the international or club level. They have got the two greatest players as their teammates.

Cristiano Is More Sociable Than Messi As A Teammate

The Brazilian talent Melo spent his last season alongside Lionel Messi in Barcelona. Because of the financial problems of the club, at the beginning of the season, against his own will, he has moved to the Italian champion Juventus. There, he has got another greatest Cristiano Ronaldo as his teammate. And already, Melo has noticed a great virtue in the Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. What is that?

Cristiano is more sociable than Messi

To the former Barcelona midfielder Arthur Melo, then the Argentina superstar Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo is much more sociable. Cristiano is the one to whom they can go for any kind of need anytime without any hesitation. They do not need to worry about anything. And also, the former Real Madrid player Ronaldo has opened his door for his teammates all the time. And Arthur Melo has been impressed by that. To him, even Lionel Messi does not do such a thing. 

To the Spanish news portal AS, the Brazilian midfielder has given an interview earlier where he stated that Cristiano is more sociable than Messi as a teammate! The former Man United player Ronaldo does not stand idle when his teammates need him. In the great need of his teammates, he used to move there than any other players.

Besides, Cristiano works hard in the practice session which has also impressed the former Barcelona player Melo. Melo has also leaked that Cristiano is just like an animal who does not even know what is the break. He always gives advice or inspires his teammates to give their best on the ground. After his arrival at the Italian camp, Cristiano is helping him much more than any other players because they are sharing the same tongue.

But when the fact comes who is the best between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, Arthur Melo does not want to make any side but his concept is too clear. His former teammate and the current teammate are alike to him. Melo told that both Cristiano and Messi are the champions. From the very beginning to the end of the game, they are just like the same. If they score three goals in the game, even then they start to think about the next goal.

But in recent times, the time of Lionel Messi is not going better but his arch-rival Cristiano passing some amazing time. In the last group stage match of the Champions League, Cristiano’s Juventus faced Messi’s Barcelona. Messi played better than CR7 on the ground but Cristiano scored two goals there. Based on his two goals, Juventus beat Barcelona by a 3 – 0 goal at the Nou Camp. Yes, of course, both Barcelona and Juventus have been promoted to the next level of the Champions League.