CUNY Scholarships 2022-2023

Cuny Scholarships for International Students

CUNY or the City of New York University is a public university system made up of 24 educational institutes made up of 11 senior colleges. 7 Community colleges, and 7 professional schools; like CUNY School of Medicine, CUNY School of Law, CUNY School of Public Health, etc. CUNY is the fourth-largest university system in the US.

CUNY Scholarships
CUNY Scholarships
CUNY is one of the go-to universities for individuals who cannot afford to study in a private university. While the fees are lower than a private institute, some students still face difficulty in paying the course and tuition fees at CUNY, and for them, they have numerous scholarships and funding to choose from.

Cuny Scholarships for Undergraduates

A scholarship is a prestigious award granted to a deserving student based on merit, need, or both. Many universities around the US are offering scholarship opportunities to their students. However, despite a large number of scholarships available to students from different backgrounds, they are still highly competitive with many students struggling to secure one.
A major reason for this is that scholarships unlike student loans are not to be paid back and directly aid students in getting a degree and starting a career without the added burden of paying back the funding. The City University of New York has over 1,000 scholarships offered throughout the university and its affiliated 24 colleges and schools. Each institute and college has its own set of scholarships to choose from.

CUNY Scholarships for Transfer Students

Also known as the Guttman Transfer Scholarship provides an opportunity for academically brilliant community college students to transfer to a CUNY senior college. The student can choose between Brooklyn, City, Hunter, Lehman, and Queens and are eligible to receive an award of up to $4,000. Students are required to fill an online application and submit a personal essay along with academic recommendations to be considered for the scholarship. It is open for the fall and spring semester intakes, and students are required to apply for the scholarship and transfer a semester before the transfer.

Excelsior Scholarship

The scholarship is a special type of scholarship for New York residents to be able to attend a college through a tuition-free program. To qualify for the scholarship the applicant must be a US citizen or an eligible noncitizen that has been residing in New York for over one year. The applicant’s gross family income should be no more than $110,000 (varies every year).
Moreover, the student should enroll as a full-time student at CUNY, and complete their annual 30 credits. Lastly, the student should reside in the state of New York and should not be employed in any other state for the equal amount of time the scholarship was granted for. It is also important to note that the award is calculated after all student’s financial aid packages have been applied such as Pell, City Council Scholarship, or other scholarships.

Peter F. Vallone Academic Scholarship

Formally known as the New York City Council Merit Scholarship is exclusively for New York City high school graduates with an excellent academic record. As per the reward, a student is eligible to $700 per year. Students may not have to apply for the funding separately and will be considered for the award automatically at the time of their application to CUNY. However, to be eligible, a student must be a US citizen or an eligible non-citizen and be a resident of New York City.
They must have graduated from a New York City high school with a grade point average of at least 80(B) GPA. Should be enrolled as a full-time student at CUNY and should maintain a 3.0 GPA throughout to keep receiving the fund. For more details on this scholarship and other CUNY scholarships visit