Know Dane Cook Biography, Age, Career, and Net worth

Quick Facts about Dane Cook biography and net worth?

Dane Cook Biography, Age, Career, And Net Worth
Dane cook biography, age, career, and net worth

Birth Name

Dane Jeffrey Cook 

Date of Birth

18th of March, 1972

Place of Birth

Cambridge, Massachusetts




Arlington High School


comedian, television personality, producer, and actor

Marital Status



Raquel Houghton


6.0 Ft


79 Kg

Hair Color

Light brown

Eye Color

Light brown

Net worth

$ 30 million

Who is Dane Cook?

Dane Cook Biography, Age, Career, And Net Worth
Dane cook biography, age, career, and net worth Dane Cook[/caption]

Dane Cook is an American stand-up comedian, television personality, producer, and actor best known for the role ‘Robbie’ in the film “American Gods”. As a comedian, Cook is the entertainer behind the comedy albums, “Retaliation”, “Swallowed”, and “Harmful If” among others.

Cook is a talented actor who has starred and executive produced the film” 400 Days”. Besides, the actor is renowned for his outstanding performance in Zak Bradley’s “Employee of the month”, “Mr. Brooks” as well as in “Good Lack”. He is a television personality who has previously co-hosted the Teen Choice awards besides performing in HBO’s “Vicious Circle”.

Cook one of the world’s finest comedians who has previously gone on broke the Laugh Factory endurance record by performing on stage for three hours and fifty minutes. 

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How was Dane Cook’s Early Life?

Dane Cook was born Dane Jeffrey Cook on the 18th of March 1972 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He is the second son of George F. Cook and Donna Jean. Cook has six siblings, an elder half-brother, and five sisters.

Cook was pretty quiet and introverted for a better part of his childhood. Cook attended Arlington High School where he overcame shyness and started performing stand-up comedy as well as acting.

Although Cook was so passionate about comedy, he later joined college and pursued graphic design to serve as a back up just in case his comedy career “backfired”.

Dane Cook Biography, Age, Career, And Net Worth
Dane cook biography, age, career, and net worth

What has Cook’s Career been like?

Dane Cook’s career in the stand-up comedy business began in the 1990s where he performed for “Club Comedy”. While still performing for the Comedy Club, Cooked moved to New York where he got the opportunity to appear on the television show, “Maybe This Time” (1995) under the role, Kelly.

Cook’s big break however came in 1998 following his performance on the “Premium Blend”, a Comedy Central television show. The performance saw him develop a special relationship with Central Comedy, a relationship that saw him being signed by the television channel and hence giving him the platform to release his first comedy album, “Harmful if Swallowed” in 2003.

The album contained his appearances on “Premium Blend”, “Comics Come Home 5” as well as “Comedy Central Presents” and was a great success earning him a certification by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

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Cook’s second album, “Retaliation” came through in 2005 and again it was a hit. It came out as the highest chatting in 28 years and was certified double platinum besides granting him the opportunity to share a platform with renowned comedians like George Carlin, Steve Martin, and Bill Cosby.

The year 2005 was marked by many ventures since it is in the same year that Cook performed his first HBO special program, “Vicious Circle” and before shortly launching his college tour program, “Tourgasm”. In the same year (2005) still, the comedian hosted the “Saturday Night Live” television show with his performance becoming the longest monologue ever performed in that show.

November 2007 marked the release of Dane Cook’s third album, “Rough Around the Edges” which was a live recording of his performance at the Madison Square Garden. 

From there, Cook went on releasing thriller comedy albums thereby placing his name at the top of the comedy industry.

Away from his outstanding comedy performances, Cook is also a talented actor since debuting with the movie, “The Mystery Men”, has appeared in other films like “My Best friend’s Girl”, “Mr. Brooks”, “Waiting” as well as “Employee of the Month”.

What Narrations Surround His Personal Life?

Dane Cook is not yet married but has been living together with his girlfriend Raquel Houghton, in Los Angeles since 2006. Houghton is a singer cum actress born in Costa Rica but raised in New York and is the lead singer for the “Valli Girls” band. 

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Prior to 2008, Cook had employed his half-brother, Darryl, and his (Darryl) wife as his business managers. Cook later in the year found out that the couple had embezzled a colossal amount of money amounting to millions of dollars from his business and this embittered him to the extent of having them convicted and imprisoned.

Dane Cook lost his both parents to cancer with his mother, Donna, passing on in 2006 and his father succumbing to the same in the following year, 2007.

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What Body Stats Describe Dane Cook?

Dane Cook has an impressive height and a decent weight. The comedian stands tall a height of 6.0 feet or 72 inches and has a balanced weight of 79 Kg or 174 Pounds. His body measurements are 51-32-16 inches. The actor’s eye color is light brown and so is his hair color, light brown.

Just How Worth is Dane Cook?

  • As of January 2021, Dane Cook’s net worth is estimated to be $ 30 million.
  • From her lucrative multi-profession, the comedian cum actor pockets some good earnings.
  • Cook has invested in the real estate sector where his LA mansion is worth $ 7, 078,412.
  • The stand-up comedian has an expensive car collection which consists of two Lamborghini worth $200,000, and a 1978 Jaguar worth $49,795
  • Cook also owns a dog of the Cockapoo breed which is worth between $ 1000 and $ 1200
  • Interestingly, Cook’s half-brother, Darryl McCauley, is due to pay him $ 12 million for the colossal millions of dollars he embezzled.

 What Achievements has Had Dane Cook?

  1. For being the best actor in the film, “ i-feature film”, Dane Cook won the 2000’s Pixie Award.
  2. Cook has been nominated four times for the “Teen Choice Award” under the category of “Choice Comedian” before finally winning the Award in 2017.

What Controversies Surround the Comedian?

  1. His style of comedy has been criticized for lacking jokes and being quite predictable.
  2. Ron White has in the past gone on record criticizing Cook for lack of real material in his comedy.
  3. Cook was voted the worst comedian by the listeners of the WBCN radio based in Boston.
  4. Joe Rogan and other comedians have accused Cook of plagiarism.
  5. Cook once had his half-brother, Darryl convicted and imprisoned on the grounds of embezzling millions of dollars from his business.

What are the Laser Known Facts about Dane Cook?

  1. Cook had his half-brother Darryl McCauley serve prison for stealing millions of dollars from him.
  2. Cook studied graphic design as his backup career just in case his comedy career didn’t work.
  3. The comedian likes supporting military troops.
  4. He Doesn’t Write His Jokes Down And Heavily Relies On Improvisation During His Stand-Up Routines
  5. MySpace played a pivotal role in launching his career.
  6. He lost both of his parents to cancer.
  7. Dane cook once got banned from “The Laugh Factory” on the grounds that his ego got too big.

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