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David Dobrik

David Julian Dobrik is a Slovak YouTube sweetheart and Vine “god”. Dobrik is an internet personality and a YouTuber who rose to fame in 2013 following successful video sharing on the Vine platform after which he launched his YouTube channel vlog later in 2015. Dobrik is the leader behind The Vlog Squad, a popular YouTube ensemble and which is known to prominently feature in his vlogs. David Dobrik enjoys a massive subscription of over 18 million subscribers on his YouTube Channel besides having more than 7.7 billion views. Following the massive viewership of his YouTube channel, Dobrik’s channel was ranked the fifth-most viewed creator YouTube creator channel in 2019.

David Dobrik’s Early Life

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David Dobrik was born on the 23rd of July 1996 in Slovakia however his family relocated to Chicago, Illinois later. Dobrik is the brother to three of her siblings including Toby, Sara, and Ester. He is a Christian, a catholic to be specific, and growing up he attended Vernon Hills High School where he is remembered for his love for tennis which saw him qualify for the 2014’s Boys Tennis State Tournament. The passion and pressure to pursue a Vine career saw Dobrik drop out of school and move to Los Angeles where his career officially kicked off.

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David Dobrik’s Relationship Life

David Dobrik began his love journey in 2015 after falling into a relationship with Liza Koshy, his fellow YouTuber. Though the pair didn’t make it to tying the knots, they happily dated for three years before their love got sour in early 2018 forcing a breakup. As a confirmation that they were not together, the duo took their feelings to YouTube where they confirmed their separation in a video.

Following the break up with Liza Koshy, Dobrik immediately falls into a relationship with Lorraine Nash, Jason Nash’s mother. As a comedic bit for his vlog, David Dobrik married Nash on the 15th of May 2019. Their marriage was however short-lived since it lasted just one month following a separation announcement made by Dobrik on 12th June 2019.

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Dobrik’s Career Life

After dropping out of school and moving to Los Angeles, it was up until 2013 that David Dobrik’s career as a Viner began. Initially, Dobrik worked alone in making his vine videos but later caught the attention of viners like Gabrielle Hanna, Alex Ernst, and Brandon Calvillo together with whom gained a huge fan-base.

Dobrik ran his vining alongside a YouTube channel named, “Second Class” which he co-owned with his friends and whose main objective was to showcase his comic skills. His outstanding skills soon saw him being recognized as one of the prominent sought-after YouTube vloggers.
Taking a few leaps away from YouTube and the general internet entertainment, It should be noted that David Dobrik is also a renowned actor who has appeared in The Angry Birds Movie 2. Besides, Dobrik has worked as a judge on America’s Most Musical Family television show as well as hosting The Stars of SpongeBob Fan Favorites Special. Dobrik currently hosts, “Dodgeball Thunder dome”, a reality competition television show for the Discovery Channel.

Dobrik’s Net Worth

  • David Dobrik is a young successful YouTube Vlogger who is generally an achiever in the online entertainment industry.
  • His Success as a YouTuber cannot simply be swept under the carpet since it is of great influence to the young peers.
  • With his career having picked up so well amassing a huge subscription, and viewership, it is no doubt that David Dobrik pockets decent earnings at the end of the year.
  • It is estimated that the 24-year old makeup to $ 400 000 annually for being a successful YouTuber.
  • From the above logic, David Dobrik’s net worth as of 2020 is estimated to $ 2 million which is a great achievement for someone in his early twenties.

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