Democratic Lawmakers Under Pressure To Push For Expansion of The Court.

The continuous push by some members of the Democratic Party to reshape Supreme court spring up this week as the Mississippi Supreme Court heard the oral argument concerning the 15week abortion ban that has restricted abortion throughout the US.

The Supreme heard argument between Dobbs V. Jackson World’s Heath Organization on Wednesday and analyst who specialised on legal cases have predicted the conservative will strike down precedent following Roe V. Wade, the landmark ruling which limited Government restrictions on abortion. If it truly does, door will be open to pass law banning abortion due to fetal viability.

The former President of the United States, President Donald J. Trump, appointed three justices and they were confirmed to the high court, which makes the number of Republican appointed justices to be six while Democratic appointed three. With the Political power played by Democrats, Republicans have effort to expand the supreme court.

According to the argument this week, Democratic lawmakers have been renewing calls to push for court expansion.

According to Rep. Adam Schiff, “A conservative court of law would stand by the precedent while partisan court may not.”

As Sen. Tina Smith tweeted in support that expansion of the Court over the abortion case. Rep. Judy Chu also urged the Government to pass it into law, citing that despite all justices confirmed by Trump went through regular constitutional process, they have been manipulated to be favouring GOP Political goals.