Elton John is bringing his own Barbie toy

Elton John is bringing his very own Barbie toy. And while the toy won’t look like the Rocket Man, it will be styled in his resemblance.

The limited-edition Barbie toy, which was published on Mattel’s website on Thursday, will have a glittery prime and flared denim detailed with the singer’s initials.

Her multi-colored “Elton” bomber jacket remembers headlines on its sleeves and rainbow streaks on its brim. She will moreover have rainbow-patterned outlet boots, a purple bowler hat and Elton’s impression sparkly pink sunglasses.

“The Elton John Barbie toy is an aggressive confederation that exemplifies two cultural idols and awards the tremendous artistry and musicianship of a celestial entertainer,” the doll’s definition on the Mattel website examines.

So, what’s the occurrence?

The toy, which vend for $50, was broadcasted to commemorate the 45th anniversary of the musician’s record-breaking two-day accomplishment at the Dodgers Stadium in October 1975.

At the period, the 100,000 attendees earned it the biggest concert ever for a solitary artist.

“This doll  is an icon in her own privilege, so remembering her pay contribution to his work and private style is a real honor,” Elton John told Rolling Stone. He hope that she stimulates buffs everywhere to courageously maintain their own dreams and limitless potential.

The Elton John Barbie toy can be purchased on the Mattel website or on Walmart’s online stock.

Barbie, an autograph toy for teenagers and grown-up collectors alike, has evolve so prominent that it even has its own national festival called National Barbie Day.

As per the Barbie website, the iconic doll’s entire term is Barbara Millicent Roberts and she stays in the fictional city of Willows, Wis.

Elton John has associated with Mattel to undertake his relatively own Barbie doll in a prospective together of two pop society icons. Fairly than claiming his similarity, the Elton John Barbie is a take on the traditional Barbie doll stimulated by the vocalist’s strong attitude.

Accessible now on Walmart.com, the bright Barbie lets her pelt down under a purple bowler headdress, while exhibiting an Elton-embossed bomber suit and a pair of flared pants embroidered with the singer’s initials. The toy also athletics John’s impression pink-tinted glasses and a set of platform shoes.