Donald J. Trump has endorsed seven candidates for state House or Senate seats who have made election administration and investigating last year’s vote central to their platforms.

According to Jon Rocha while speaking with newsmen, he disclosed that “I was checking my phone to make sure it was on silent, and all of a sudden I got a notification that I was tagged in a tweet” about the endorsement, Rocha said. He was unaware that Trump’s backing was coming. “Imagine going through an entire movie with your phone blowing up.”
“It is quite unusual for a former United States president to endorse ballot races. But Trump has backed seven candidates for state House or Senate seats in Michigan, an electoral battleground that he lost narrowly to Joe Biden last year more than anywhere else”. He said.

It was however disclosed that Trump’s focus on the state reveals how driven he is to exact revenge on those who haven’t supported his claim about the last elections which he stated to be stolen from him. His recent actions has stirred various reactions among members of the public, it is however seen as a strategic move to install allies who could be helpful should he run for president again in 2024 and find himself locked in another close race.

In addition, the Republican-controlled Legislature of the United states carryout investigations on the result of the 2020 presidential elections for over eight months and results shows no trace of illegitimacy contrary to Trump’s claim of election fraud.

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