Like he has informed the Spanish channel that in his professional career, he wants to take the taste of playing in the United States Major League Soccer. The report says that Messi wants to get the experience of playing in MLS. But not now. The Argentine sensation is not ready to join there now.

To the Spanish television channel, La Sexta Lionel Messi gave an interview a couple of days ago. But earlier today, the whole interview has been published by the channel. There, the current Barcelona captain has talked about many things.

Messi wants to get the experience of playing in MLS

Messi’s Next Move

Messi leaves Camp Nou at the end of the season or not? If he leaves, then which will be his new nest? Will he move to play under his favorite coach Pep Guardiola at the Premier League side Manchester City? Or, will he make his move to his favorite friend’s club Paris Saint Germain?

He also has the chance of following his predecessor Maradona’s step and join the Italian side Juventus or Inter Milan and make the new records. Nothing is certain yet. But when the topic comes to the front, Lionel Messi himself revealed his small wish.

Wants to get the experience of playing in MLS

The Argentine forward stated that yes, he has the wish of leaving Barcelona and making the new port. At the same time, he also informed that he will leave Barcelona or not, even Messi himself is not so sure about it right now.

But The European clubs should not be so excited about that. The big star of football did not take any big club’s name in his interview. We can say that he did not take any club’s name at all. Messi just stated that he would like to take part in the football competition in the United States and it is his dream. But when it will happen, he does not know.

Stars In MLS

Before the time of Lionel Messi, many big stars took the taste of playing in Major League Soccer. The players like David Beckham, Pele, Pirlo, David Villa, Zlatan Ibrahimovic all played in the MLS. Many football analysts describe MLS as the old age home for the footballers.

The European footballers used to play in the MLS just for one reason. To get some extra cash at the end of their professional career. After hearing the wish of Messi, it seems that he also wants to get the taste. But when will the time come, the Barca captain has not fixed any time yet. When the agreement with Barcelona finishes, he does not know what he will do.

Next Movement of Messi

Lionel Messi has kept the mystery about his next movement if he leaves the Catalan club. He is not thinking about how the season will end. Still, he does not think it is the right time to talk about what he will do after the season. And to speak the truth, Messi himself does not know what to do. He even does not know if he leaves the club or not. But one thing is so certain that if he leaves the club, he will definitely want to finish it with a good process.

Lionel Messi’s club Barcelona is not in their great form right now in the league. They are holding the 5th position on the table. Messi is trying his best but it seems that he is not getting a perfect teammate like Luis Suarez in the season. The next match of the Catalan club will be against Eibar and from the Christmas holiday, the whole team has returned to the practice but Messi has not returned. He will not play in the last match of the year.

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