The experts have warned over the wrong use of the word “looting” in describing the just happened large scale theft that recently happened in California.

According to the penal code of the California says ” It is very wrong to be using the word “looting” to describe theft involved by many people because the word didn’t express the act, what we witness was not looting”
Looting simply means a theft or burglary.

According to Lorenzo Boyd who is a professor of Criminal justice and Community policing at New Haven University described the word as a racial lens.
“Looting” is being used when people of same race, color are doing something in common.
We don’t use the word in any other case when they do same thing.

The affiliate made it known that they didn’t know who the perpetrator truly are which made it difficult to tag them as a “looter”.

Citing Martin Reynolds, one of the Executive director of Robert C. Maryland institute of Journalism Education, he was reminded in New Orleans’ Black resident when they were tagged as “looters” for for a “Crime of Survival offence” in 2005.

“Smash and grab has not in anyway related to looting” Reynold added.
Critics who go on media to tag the crime scenario as a thing more than looting will not make any changes to the society.

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