Fauci Ignored Peter Doocy’s Question Over Biden’s Enhanced Covid-19 Strategy.

One of the members of the White House Coronavirus response team member has ignored a question from Fox news reporter, Peter Doocy regarding illegal immigrants that were screened for the Omicron Coronavirus variant at the border.

According to Doocy when asked Fauci during Wednesday press conference “You’ve given advice to Joe Biden concerning the possibility of new testing requirements for other country’s citizens coming into this country, does that encompass everybody?” The answer is “yes” Fauci replied, which makes him to further asked if migrants crossing the Southern border were among but Fauci claimed “it’s a different issues.”

Fauci also said that there’s testing at the border “under some certain circumstances and made it know that there’s still Title 42.” Which was positioned by former President Donald J. Trump to curb the Coronavirus widespread.

President Biden’s enhanced winter Covid-19 strategy will be made available on Thursday and will require all travellers coming into the US to be tested before their flight take off including the vaccinated travellers.

According to Fauci, “they’re really attacking Science because I stand for it, to me, it’s the dangerous thing that could ever happened to me, I will not be here forever, and if you destroy Science, you destroys the society.”