Female Prime Minister Resigned Shortly After Being Voted In.

The first female Prime Minister of Sweden, Madgalena Anderson resigned after some hours he was voted in.

Her resignation was caused by the defeat in budget Parliament on Wednesday which was announced on the official twitter page of Sweden’s Government.

The 54years old woman said “she planned to reappoint the speaker of the Parliament as the Prime Minister as the head of the Social Democrats Party” which she’s to replace the recently stepped down leader of the Social Democrats Party and premier, Stefan Lofven.

Some Nordic Countries such as; Norway, Finland, Denmark and Iceland have also elected a female Prime Minister.

Before Anderson was elected as the Prime Minister, 33men have previously been elected into the position.

According to her CV, she has previously worked as the Deputy Director General of the Swedish Government.

Anderson holds a Master degree in Economics from Stockholm School of Economics and served as Minister of Finance in Sweden.

According to Sweden’s Government Twitter account, she is also the second woman to head the social left Democratic Party.