First demise because of Dengue fever which is documented in Saint Lucia

St. Lucia has documented its initial death to the mosquito-borne dengue fever, two months after asserting an outbreak of the disease.

As per the Ministry of Health, the patient is an adult gentleman who was hospitalized after illustrating with signs and symptoms of Severe Dengue Infection. To date, the island has documented a total of 540 verified cases of Dengue Fever.


1)Dengue fever requires critical medical supervision to treat the situation on time.

2)There is no particular medication for dengue fever.

3) Although Dengue sickness indications can be regulated with some treatments.

First demise because of Dengue fever which is documented in Saint Lucia

What  are symptoms of Dengue fever?

The indications of dengue fever start after four to seven days after you are cut by an infected mosquito. These symptoms may include-

High fever is mostly supported with serious joint and muscle pain, serious headache, skin rash, nausea vomiting and pain on the eyes.

Immediate high fever which can be up to 104- 106 grades F

In some trials dengue fever comes to be very serious. It is called dengue hemorrhagic. It results in immediate drop in blood pressure occurring in casualty in some cases. Indication of dengue hemorrhagic fever are- liver enlargement, poor working of circulatory system,serious abdominal pain and fatigue, nose bleeding, high fever, damaged blood vessels (bleeding under the skin), immediate breathing etc.

The Thailand Bureau of Epidemiology in an update on Monday had directly documented 55,004 total cases (38,653 ) of dengue fever, 15,917 dengue hemorrhagic fever and 434 dengue shock syndrome cases) in all 77 regions.

Dengue Fever (DF)  is captioned by a outset of immediate high fever  along with some other symptoms which are already discussed above. Some may also give rise to a rash and altering degree of bleeding from numerous portions of the body (including nose, mouth and gums or skin bruising). Dengue has a broad expanse of illness consequence (asymptomatic to symptomatic). Symptomatic ailment can differ from dengue fever (DF) to the more serious dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF).


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