A Federal audit has found issues with 20% of Election Assistant commission grants to aid with 2020 voting despite pandemic.

Immediately the congress accepted the CARES ACT, a Covid-19 relief, the EAC got $400Million in grants and $326million of it has been account so far.

In September 2020, the House Republican flagged concern about the election grants regarding an expenditure in California. According to the ranking member of the House oversight and reform committee, Sen. James Comer “The findings of GAO affirm concern that the problem runs deeper than one State and the potential for abuse is very high.”

The EAC suppose to be a watch dog but turning out, it has been a bad actor which spends big amount of money with no transparency.

The Audit determines the EAC to allow State to create additional 60 categories for spending the money rather than assigning expenditure to 5 categories.

The concern of GOP House members was how CARES Act money for election grants was spent because of a $35Million contract between the State Secretary of California and SKDKnickerbocker, a Democratic consulting firm that was working for Biden’s Presidential campaign.

According to Comer, when California contracted SKDKnickerbocker, they engaged in micro targeting of voters, to me, that’s what a Political firm would do.”

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