Gavin Newsom Left California For New York To Promote His New Book Despite The Ongoing “Smash And Grab” Crisis In California.

The Governor of California State, Gavin Newsom has left the State in support of his book despite the crime crisis that is ongoing.

Gov. Gavin Newsom has traveled to another State to start his tour in solidarity of his book titled, “Ben & Emma’s Big Hit,” which was published by Philomel books.

The book is centered on Gavin Newson’s experience while growing up with dyslexia and tell about Ben’s story, a little boy who loves baseball and uses America’s pastime to flow along with his learning disability, with the help from a friend and a teacher.

According to Newsom in an interview, “It doesn’t go away. I’m dealing with this every day.” He further added, “So many folks (with dyslexia) do give up, and that has tragic consequences. And others that don’t (give up) start to discover that this is the greatest gift in their life and they can’t imagine a life without it. That’s really been my experience.”

The smash-and-grabs robberies has been ongoing since November and Newsom informing mayors to “step up” and hold criminals accountable for their actions.

Newsom said, “If people are breaking in, people stealing your property, they need to be arrested. Police need to arrest them. Prosecutors need to prosecute them. Judges need to hold people accountable for breaking the law,”