Georgia Battle Take A New Shape As Perdue Sets To Challenge Kemp For Governor.

As confirmed from a reliable source, a Trump’s loyalist, David Perdue is planning to announce he’ll contest with Brian Kemp in a Republican primary face-off next year.

Perdue narrowly lost to, by now-Democratic Sen. Jon Ossoff in last January’s Senate runoffs and was recruited by Donald J. Trump to remove Kemp over for refusing to help the then-president’s efforts last year to rig the result of the election in Georgia.

According to Hall who is the Kemp spokesman “The man who lost Republicans the United States Senate and brought the last year of skyrocketing inflation, open borders, runaway government spending, and woke cancel culture upon the American people now wants to lose the Georgia governor’s office to the national face of the radical left movement.” He further said “It may be difficult for David Perdue to see this over the gates of his coastal estate, but Joe Biden’s dangerous agenda is hitting hardworking Georgians in the wallet and endangering their livelihoods and we all have David Perdue to thank for it.”

The Public announcement created an epic moment for the GOP civil battle in Georgia, where Joe Biden edged Trump with a slight margin. The winner will face likely 2022 Democratic nominee Stacey Abrams, who was defeated by Kemp in 2018.