Guinean Artist Living in Spain Publishes De Conakry

Almost four thousand kilometers separate Conakry the capital of the Republic of Guinea from Barcelona A little over a decade ago Nakany Kanté born 30 years ago in Siguiri in the northwest of the country near the border with Mali made this journey and settled in Sabadell.

She left Guinea for love but lived the rebirth of which the Senegalese writer Fatou Diome speaks To leave is to have the courage to give birth to yourself because being born of yourself is the most legitimate of births.

Now the album De Conakry a Barcelona Kasba Music recalls that journey and something else Kantés life trajectory during this decade The album reflects the reality of my later years.

A personal and musical journey Nakany explains from Barcelona And he sums up what he learned in all that time To make songs to work with musicians from here and there and to grow as a person and as an artist.

Musicians from here and there he says In other words instrumentalists from Barcelona and Conackry The album has been recorded in both cities with production by Javi Zarco Fernando Redondo Dinky and Nakani herself

In it the guitars are entangled with the kora the keyboards the balafon the congas the drums the bass the pumpkin South and North sounds for a bet sung almost entirely in Malinké a continuous dialect of Africa occidental that opens with afrobeat Fadensawo and closes with soukous airs.

And in between The important thing in my songs is the Mandingo music with which I grew up and I get on well The other styles are games that people we meet along the way give us things that we meet and that we like to share

Love party and traditions are part of the narrative of De Conakrys songs in Barcelona but the problems of African women are very present I hope to contribute something with my songs both to the young so that they have hope and to the elderly so that they loosen up a bit

Is change possible in Africa I dont have a recipe but speaking and singing maybe we can help society evolve Music has infinite power There are songs that have changed the rhythm of history

Nakany released her first album Saramaya in 2014 and two years later she released Naka They were recordings that opened scenarios for him From Conakry to Barcelona is his most solid bet the one that can give him the final push

For me the highlight of the album is the Mandingo guitars which I didnt have on previous albums Otherwise the message is the same I keep talking about the African woman.

The Ivorian Fatoumata Diawara and the Malian Oumou Sangaré There is a difference in popularity outside of Africa between Guinean singers and those from other countries like Mali.

Mali takes good care of its culture and treats its artists well In Guinea there was a time of splendor with Sékou Touré president of the country from 1958 the year of independence until his death in 1984 but then everything stopped Lets hope that the new governments change that policy.