Halaand seeks to abolish derogatory place names that eternize “Legacy of Oppression”.

Deb Haaland, a member of the US Democratic Party who is presently the Interior Secretary of the United State of America has declared “Squaw” a deprecatory order and has confirmed to be working on its removal from the US Governments’ use and replaced it with another.

Halaand seeks to abolish derogatory place names that eternize "Legacy of Oppression".
Debra Anne Haaland

The Interior Secretary of the United State has ordered a panel of the Federal Government to abolish the racist term with immediate effect.
According to her “Our Nation’s waters and land should be focused mainly on how to celebrate the outdoors and shared heritage of cultures. “The action been taken today will speed up the Importance of derogatory reconciliation in term of place name and served as a beginning to an advantageous step in celebrating our forefathers who have lived before us”, Deb Halaand who hails from Laguna Pueblo in New Mexico added.

Among some agencies who applauded Halaand’s move against Derogatory place names were “The Native American Rights Fund” on the fact that the move has long been overdue. Environmentalist and others also lauds her move says, it’s a good step in right direction which will aid total reconciliation.

According to Deb Haaland’s order, United State task force will search for replacement of names for geographic features on federal land relating to “Squaw” which has been used to damage reputation, especially that of the indigenous women.

The task force will consist of representatives from United State land management agencies and professionals in the Interior Department.
This process may not be quick as there are already existing hundreds of proposed names changes before the Federal board but will be of Importance to the country in later years if finally done.

Deb Halaand also advocated in support of creation of an advisory committee that will request, evaluate and put forward some changes in other areas of geographic and federal place names.
The panel which will consist of tribal representatives, anthropology, history expert and civil rights.

The advisory naming panel in Colorado has called for the changing of name of Squaw Mountain which is near Denver in respect of a Native American Woman who did the translation about a period of 100years ago.

Finally, it is important to know that there are undecided legislation yet to be addressed by the congress concerning derogatory names.

Do you think Halaand’s move will have positive effect on the Nation or the move is unnecessary?