Hawaii s Louis Smolka knocked out by Davey Grant at UFC Vegas 54

Hawaii s Louis Smolka knocked out by Davey Grant at UFC Vegas 54:Davey Grant and Louis Smolka squared off in a Bantamweight contest in advance this night (Sat., May 14, 2022) from interior UFC Apex in Las Vegas, Nevada. Following a again-and-forth fight, Grant brutalized his opponent

Grant started out heavy with some aspect kicks and a thudding proper hand. He also ripped into the calf correctly. Smolka pressured and landed a few kicks, but he became on the incorrect facet of the exchanges early on. Smolka was getting cracked, so he tried to switch it up with a takedown to no impact. Halfway thru the round, and Grant changed into hurting his opponent continuously with a diffusion of weapons.

Grant slammed domestic a right hand and spinning strike, prompting Smolka to answer with a knee, his best strike of the combat. Smolka was walking thru hearth, taking brutal blows to the legs, frame, and jawline. Out of nowhere, a crisp jab in the end knocked Smolka down after all the massive hooks did no longer, but Smolka controlled to recover and survive the spherical.

Smolka opened the second with a double leg, but his shot became denied. Grant ripped the frame with a aggregate, however Smolka spoke back with a pleasant proper. Another. Smolka commenced to put it together, landing in aggregate. It wasn’t clean whether or not Grant gassed himeslf out or became hurt, however his output turned into losing off in a huge manner. Smolka began attacking with elbows to right impact.

Grant stored unleashing huge hooks, but they were landing at the shield more frequently. Grant through a spin kick and ended up on his returned a end result. He scrambled fast, escaping out the again door and landing in an armbar! Smolka flipped him over however then fell off, returning the pair to their ft in the last seconds of the spherical.


Grant looked a bit refreshed getting into the final frame, ripping some early calf kicks. Another landed, and Smolka’s leg gave out, forcing a defend pull. Smolka attempted to wrap his opponent up in guard, however as an alternative Grant dropped a chain of bombs that straight away separated Smolka from his senses.

This turned into a VIOLENT finish to an terrific fight! “Dangerous” Davey Grant can be relied on to supply a brawl, and this one ended perfectly for the English athlete.Hawaii s Louis Smolka knocked out by Davey Grant at UFC Vegas 54.visit our website for more details.