Health day: 10 tips to stay healthy you can’t find anywhere else

The five yes and five no useful to really stay healthy day: a few simple tips and confirmed by scientific studies.
But very few talk about it, because they don’t earn anyone.

Advice on how

To stay fit and stay healthy

rains down everywhere, almost always accompanied by commercial proposals: if it is not the latest diet it is the most recent supplement, or a free screening (because it leads to further tests or treatments), a “superfood” or a new drug, which perhaps does more harm than good.

On the occasion of Health Day 2022

Here are five things to do and

five things to avoid to really stay healthy for a long time:

they are simple rules, based on serious scientific studies, they immediately contribute to your well-being, prevent disease and keep you healthy. good mood.

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How to stay healthy in five steps

1. Walk at least 30 minutes a day at a brisk pace

  • There is no need to join a gym, buy equipment or take courses: just walk briskly for at least half an hour a day to have a significant reduction in the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, and depression.
  • The more physical activity you do, the greater the benefits: exercising also strengthens the immune system and therefore helps defend against infectious diseases such as Covid. It also fights stress, improving mood.
  • Taking the stairs instead of the elevator, using the bike instead of the car, and getting off the bus one stop earlier are simple habits that help you get more exercise. Here are our tips on how to keep fit without the need to spend. Health Day.

2. Eat a varied diet with lots of fruit and vegetables and wholemeal pasta and bread

  • Nutrition is the foundation of health. Follow a varied and balanced diet. To stay healthy there is no need for supplements or superfoods, such as spirulina algae or goji berries, or turmeric.
  • The important thing is to vary the foods, following some rules: you prefer whole grains(such as bread and wholemeal pasta), abound in fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables (at least five servings a day), and often consume legumes (lentils, beans, peas, chickpeas …). Health Day.
  • Do not exceed in fats and proteins of animal origin(meat in particular no more than three times a week, prefer fish), and reduce cold cuts and sweets to a minimum.
  • Follow our instructions on how to choose the best foods.

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3. Remember to get really useful preventative screenings

  • Do not forget the screenings of proven usefulness, even if following Covid, unfortunately, the organization at the regional level has worsened and made them may be less easy: but we must not forget the Pap test starting from the age of 25; mammography from the age of 50; examinations relating to colon cancer from the age of 50. Health Day.
  • These tests allow for early detection of tumors or pretumor lesions, significantly increasing the chances of recovery.
  • Here you will find more information and answers to the most common doubts about screening.

4. Use only the drugs you really need

  • Use drugs only when they are needed, preferably on the doctor’s recommendation, confidently choosing equivalent (or “generic”) drugs when they are available: not only are they as effective as those that are not equivalent but they save us money, but they have the advantage of being medicines that have been in use for a long time and therefore very well tested.

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  • We always remember that new doesn’t necessarily mean better. The older a drug is, the more experienced it is. While many novelties can cause undesirable effects escaped from the previous experimentation. Health Day.
  • Keep in mind that all the drugs advertised on TV or in other media are by law drugs that can only cure the symptoms, which moreover are sometimes useful to fight the disease, it is the case of cough and fever, for example, useful to the body; but over-the-counter drugs, advertised in the media, are not drugs that can help or accelerate recovery, although advertisements suggest it.
  • You can find directions to find the cheapest drug here.

5. Keep your mind fit by cultivating your interests and your social life 

  • Engage in activities that stimulate the mind. The brain should also be kept in training: reading, listening to the music you like best, crossword puzzles and puzzle games, sudoku and puzzles, practicing in a foreign language, in general learning new things .. are all useful activities to keep the mind lively and in shape, preventing cognitive decline.
  • Always try to cultivate social life: regularly attending family and friends, practicing physical activity in the company, dedicating themselves to volunteering, enrolling in courses … positively affect the well-being and overall health of each of us. Health Day.
  • Add to this the right hours of sleep (between 7 and 9).

The top five things to avoid to stay healthy (Health Day)

1. Do not smoke and do not overdo the alcohol

  • For smokers, the greatest gift to their health is to quit. Whenever you quit, quitting as soon as possible is still good.
  • If even a toast with friends brings joy and you can certainly give it to us, it is better not to overdo it with alcohol: it is a foreign substance to the body and in many ways harmful; better not to exceed 1-2 glasses of wine (or cans of beer) per day for men, 1 for women and for the elderly.
  • Also, let’s not forget that alcoholic beverages have a caloric intake that can become important. You can calculate there.

2. Don’t impose any dietary restrictions for no reason (Health Day)

  • Gluten is not a problem for those without celiac disease, milk is not bad for those who are not lactose intolerant, and carbohydrates, especially if whole, are useful for the body. Better to stay away from food fads that totally exclude one or the other category of food: they are often only useful for selling supplements, at least of dubious efficacy and safety not always ascertained.
  • Also beware of weight-loss diets based on drastic and unbalanced restrictions, which promise results quickly and effortlessly. We have reviewed the new diets and analyzed them, updating the list as more are launched.

3. Don’t chase the news sirens and choose your sources wisely (Health Day)

  • With the advent of new information channels via the web, the range of action of influencers, health gurus, and advocates in good or bad faith of miraculous remedies and cures of all kinds has expanded: try not to be influenced by news and advice without of scientific bases and choose your sources of information very critically.

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  • Any advertising does not inform but promotes and must be evaluated with a great critical spirit, especially in the field of health and nutrition.
  • Pay attention to chasing real or alleged news: even the Covid pandemic has taught how easy it is for illusions to spread about the effectiveness of this or that remedy.

4. Avoid checkups and screenings of undetermined utility (Health Day)

  • There are only three healthy population screenings that have a valid relationship between risks and benefits: Pap smears, mammograms, and colon cancer tests.
  • If you have no health problems or particular risk factors, avoid generalized check-ups(perhaps because the insurance passes them for free).
  • Avoid unnecessary clinical tests and “because you never know” checks.
  • However, see your doctor promptly if you experience any unexplained symptoms or changes.
  • Find out the fact sheets that explain why many exams are in many cases useless.

5. Avoid overweight and obesity

  • Without becoming an obsession, regular weight control helps prevent overweight and obesity, important risk factors for many of the most common diseases.
  • You can calculate your BMI and calorie needs and follow our tips on how to maintain a healthy weight.

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