healthy: 10 healthy and useful medical tips

Health is a precious crown placed on the head of every healthy person and free from diseases, and this crown is seen only by every sick and lacking person, and in order to preserve this precious crown, you must follow a set of useful medical advice that we will introduce you to through the following lines.

Useful medical advice:

1. Healthy: Chew your food well.

Good chewing of food increases the body’s production of some chemicals that help fight cancer cells and eliminate them permanently, so you have to make sure to chew food well before swallowing it.

2. Do not eat hot food. (healthy)

You should not drink or eat hot foods and drinks, and wait a little while to cool down, because hot food or drink increases the risk of human exposure to serious cancers, especially oral, esophageal, and intestinal cancer.

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3. Eat more almonds:

Almonds contain a lot of minerals, vitamins, and nutrients that a person may miss and cannot get from normal food, so you should eat about ten raw almonds daily between lunch and dinner.

4. Make sure to eat vegetables and fruits:

You should make sure to eat three servings of vegetables and fruits on a daily basis because these foods contain compounds that help reduce the incidence of fatal heart attacks.

5. Use honey instead of sugar:

Honey contains useful compounds that help strengthen the immune system to protect the human from serious and chronic diseases, so you should use honey as an alternative to sugar when sweetening tea, milk, or coffee.

6. Put on sunglasses:

Before leaving the house during the afternoon, you should make sure to put on sunglasses that protect you from developing serious vision problems with the days, such as cataracts, blindness, and glaucoma.

7. Avoid staying up late:

Nothing can cause more psychological and physical harm and damage than staying up at night, in addition to the fact that staying up late is the main cause of the problem of premature aging and wrinkles, so you have to stay away from the long night and make sure to sleep and wake up early.

8. Eat brown bread instead of white:

Brown bread contains a large amount of dietary fiber and a small amount of carbohydrates, so you should replace white bread with brown bread, which gives you many benefits and protects you from obesity.

9. Drink a cup of green tea:

It is necessary to keep drinking a cup of green tea daily during the day because green tea contains substances that help prevent the oxidation of body cells, and protect people from various types of cancer.

10. Eat a serving of fish a week:

Fish contains an abundant amount of substances that help improve the balance of brain chemicals, and help maintain a healthy heart and gland function, so you should keep eating a meal of grilled fish daily.