One time Presidential Candidate of the US Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton has lauded the achievement of President Biden led administration and also appealed against badmouthing Biden’s achievement.

Clinton who claimed that the Republican has misinformed lot of Americans so as to bad-mouth and change the nice perspective of Americans on the Biden’s led Government.

Clinton boasted that President Biden’s led administration has passed two bills which are of more benefits to American such as; infrastructural and Coronavirus relief bill.

Clinton also boasted about the majority Democrats who support the social spending bills in the house making it to be passed but damn sure it’s not going to be passed on the Senate floor.

All these are enough to be pointed at by any capable Government as its own achievements but due to the nature of Politics, the other side(Republican) who are very good at misinforming the Public would try to hide the good part of the Biden’s administration and paint the picture black so as to make it seems as if there’s big error in the whole system.

The comment made by Hillary Clinton has also contributed to fast growing trend by the US Democrats asking for American’s perspective in Economics sector and how it affects their daily lives.

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